Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Where to start

Recently, my dear husband and I have felt like we need to back up and start some things over.  What prompted this?  Well, when you realize you are still falling into destructive patterns, say when you fight, it is not a good thing.  Not when you are on the brink of your 15th anniversary.  You know?  So we had to go backward a bit, dig up some of the yucky and ask ourselves how can we do this different?

Well, one way is to get away more often.  The past, say two years, we have had about 6 dates I think.  Especially if you do not count the company Christmas Party, or similar things.  Because, honestly, who talks about deep stuff at the “crazy” company Christmas party?  Not me. (it is hard to get my husband to talk about deep stuff anytime, but especially not in front of people who know him!!)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I am still a bit amazed at how God showed up this morning during my quiet time.  I am not sure why.  I am not sure why I allow myself to forget in order to be amazed over and over.

The last 2 weeks I have virtually played hooky from my morning quiet time.  I was getting to bed late, rushing through a few quiet moments before the crowd assembled (my kids) and it was anything but intimate and precious.

This morning I woke up at 5:30 on my own, sans alarm clock or showering husband.  I love when that happens!!  I love when he gently prods me to open those eyes and get out of my bed.

And after 2 days of getting back into the groove, I hit my stride this morning.  God was there.  He was waiting for me to show up, to leave my agenda behind, to really allow him to lead my moments.  So I did.

I turned to Psalms to pray through a Psalm – I wanted to change things up a bit from my note cards, and just pray through words he penned in the book.  I ended up in Psalm 77.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Book Review : That Works For Me

I am so excited to tell you one of my “Works for Me Wednesday” tips made it into Kristin’s book!  Woo Hoo!!  So, I have a copy to share with one of you lucky people!!  yeah!

First, What is it?

For more than five years, the blog carnival, Works For Me Wednesday has been a hub of helpful tips for every area of a busy woman’s life. Hundreds of bloggers link up every week and thousands of tips have been shared over the past years.

This e-book offers a categorized, organized place for more than 800 practical, “aha!” tips to make your life run smoother. That Works For Me! is a celebration of the WFMW community, with tips from hundreds of different blogs.

It won’t organize your linen closets or remove stains, but this e-book will offer you a good place to start. We’ve searched and compiled and created an organized e-book with 24 popular categories, featuring the best of tips in each group.

If you are not reading Kristen’s blog just about daily, you really should.  She is the woman behind Mercy House, an amazing ministry in Africa for young pregnant women.  Amazing!  Also, she blogs from her heart for all to read.  I love her blog, I gain lots of great encouragement and insight every time I read it!!  Check it out!

Also, make sure to stop by on Wednesdays and spend a few minutes checking out all the great tips her readers are submitting!  And submit one yourself!!  You never know the new friends you might make, or the lives you could bless!!

So, if you want a chance to win a free copy, leave a tip for me below in the comments.  You favorite tip you would tell a young (new) mom, or a new bride, or a college graduate – you know THE tip. 

My favorite generic tip is from a friend at Tate Springs Baptist Church.  She submitted this tip to me when I did the MOPS newsletter, and I remember it every time it applies (or well, it never applies, but when I do “this”) – and my kids have learned it too!!

“Never cook bacon naked.”  Tonya Taylor

Every time I cook bacon (with clothes on) and I get splattered I remind everyone to never cook it naked!  Thanks Tonya!!  So, share yours, and my kids will pick their favorite and I will let you know if you won!! 

So leave a comment, and also jump over and check out the website!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Animal Kingdom Day

Our first day in Disney was spent at Animal Kingdom.  It was a great way to kick off our Disney fun!  Not too much walking, lots of fun, long, sitting rides.  We love animals – so we enjoyed the safari, the animals and the whole Africa thing!

4 excited kids

This was our first day to don our matching Lime Green T’s too – and let me tell you, they were lifesaving!!  It was so easy to spot each other in the throngs of other people!  It was great.  AG opted for another outfit, a new one from her Grammie, but she stayed pretty close to us!

2 more tourists

Our most favorite souvenirs that we bought were these great hats on the boys!!  They were adorable, practical and came with 6 PINS!!  More on that in another post, but it was a win-win!!  All the boys got one!!

It was a great day.  We enjoyed at an amazing meal at The Tusker House which was an African Buffet!  I am thinking it was more of an assortment of African and Asian – but it was amazing!!  While eating we were invited to be on a float in the afternoon parade with Mickey!  We were so thrilled and could not wait.  Unfortunately, it was rained out, but we still had a great place to wait out the rain and some great cast members to keep the kids entertained!  (here we are in our parade garb, while waiting on the rain call)

ladies in parade garb

So, here are some pics of our fun day!

cool treegrammie and papa with agjb on safari

On our safari as Simba 1 – chasing “Poachers”

me and ed

pj and ag

This was so adorable to watch these two!


playin drums

Grammie getting into the Africa Drummin’ mood with one of her boys!!

robert and janelle

tree of life close up

Very cool Tree of Life!


with mickey and minnie

This is a proud little girl with her favorite souvenir – her Mickey and Minnie!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New Breakfast Favorite : Egg Muffins

So we are entering Week 2 of our sugar fast (kids and all).  I will admit the 2 younger kids had ice cream and birthday cake on Saturday, but this is not the Old Testament.  We are not bound by the law – we are FREE!  So a bit of cake in the middle of our fast for a 8 and 6 year old is just fine.  Otherwise they are doing great!  Not even asking! 

However, this whole less sugar thing is a challenge – and I am still learning new options to replace old standbys.  Breakfast is something that I try to keep interesting but not too  much work.  Yes, I make breakfast every morning, unless my dear husband is home and then often, he opts to do it.  We eat eggs most mornings (you know, chickens and all…) but how many different ways can you serve scrambled or fried eggs?  And while we love quiche it is a bit of work, the whole dough thing, if it is not here, we need to buy it, or make it …. and you get the point.

Well, Pinterest came to the rescue about 2 weeks ago.  I found Egg Muffins.  While I have no great pics to show you, I will say we made these once, double batch, and ate them twice – and then made them again this morning and everyone was happy.  These are super easy. 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Opening Epcot

Our trip to Florida was a dream on any levels, I will expound on that when I share about the other parks.  We loved all the parks, but our favorites were Hollywood Studios and Epcot. 

4 kids at epcot

Epcot was not even on our radar, other than, many friends told us we had to go.  Well, we were not going to go.  And we were okay with that, we were happy with the other 3 parks and really thrilled for all of it. 

Upon arriving in Florida and meeting up with my in-laws, my mother-in-law told me the surprise, we were going to get an extra day at a park!  Well, of course …. EPCOT!!!

We were absolutely thrilled while waiting in line to go in, a Disney employee walked over and started talking to us, very nice lady.

our new friend

I thought she would hand the kids some stickers, and since they all (Cast Members) are so friendly, I suspected NOTHING!  So a few minutes into talking, she asked if we would like to OPEN THE PARK!!!

Uh, pause …. YES!!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

USS Alabama

USS alabama


We seem to still be settling in here in our lovely abode.  But I found some pics of our fun on the way home from Florida – and thought I needed to share.

on the deck

First, I must say, that after about 10 days in Florida, the beach, and 4 Disney Parks, as my kids climbed aboard the USS Alabama and explored all the nooks and crannies, they kept exclaiming “This is the Best” – I even heard a “best day ever” – so it was indeed worth the stop!!


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