Friday, August 29, 2008


Today at the Dallas Arboretum... enjoy!

The kids - they were still willing to take pics but getting to the end.

Here is little girl! Ms. AG - this is my
favorite pic of her!!

Here are 2 of my boys - P and E - not too willing,
but a nice view behind them!

Silly faces we abounding! Here is one....

Here is the 1st born - looking
so grown up! Too fast!

Here is another silly face -

our youngest boy & craziest - can you tell?
It was a hot day - so we did not last long, but we did have fun! It was very pretty and lots of flowers in season too!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Little Girls....

I always heard about Terrible Two's but never experienced them first hand with the boys! Well let me tell you I am catching up with this little girl! Today was a better day after consulting some friends last night at a Girl's Night - but we have not conquered them altogether yet!

But one task we decided to tackle was the nail biting. I put that clear stuff on her nails tonight when Robert got home. She loved it - thought I was painting her nails & loved that part! Then while cuddling with Daddy she stuck a finger in her mouth and was shocked!! Is it torture that I had to take pictures of her shock? I hope not!
On the left you can see AG trying to get rid of the awful taste with her night-night in her mouth! Did not work too well, but she was content with it!
Anyway, hope this phase (Terrible Two's) is short lived, since I am not sure I can handle it too long!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Living School

Today we decided that since we have been doing school during the hottest part of the year, we were going to enjoy the cool morning weather we were given today! So we ate our breakfast outside then we got our nature journals and headed out front. I can only imagine what the neighbors were thinking or the man who walked by during obvious "school hours" with us sitting on our front yard.

However, we had good school! The boys journaled, wrote an drew - little girl colored the sheet, the paper and herself - but hey she had fun!

Then we had PE class which consisted of riding bikes and running around until it was getting warm and we moved inside.

After reading and playing inside for a time - it was house NAP TIME. We do not do this very frequently any more as

the kids do not go to bed good if they get a nap - but I was SO tired - that I decided I would benefit now and pay later! So we all napped - and honestly I think everyone needed it because they all slept! Even the 7 year old for almost 2 hours!

So needless to say my goal for this afternoon is wear them out! So we are heading out for more bike riding any minute!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Celebrating the Freedom to Homeschool Day!!

What a great morning we had! We went with our homeschool group to a park to have a party to celebrate the first day of school in the area - "except you don't send your kids to school you are thinking...." and you are right! So we selebrated the Freedom to Homeschool Day! And it was a celebration! We had a few new families to our group come and meet many others and we just had a great time catching up with summer activities, family and church stuff, and just visiting!

We had water balloons, water guns, and just lots of great food and snacks too! I love homeschooling and having friends that homeschool and just being able to have families blend so well! We had the older kids happily helping with the younger ones and encouraging the balloon fights and really orchestrating things! The little kids love the attention of the older one and just have so much fun!

I also decided since it was the "official" first day of school we needed to TRY and take some pics of the kids - you know one of each of the kids - well to the left you can see that I did get some good ones, but I had to share these too...

Well, hope you are seizing your day and enjoying your blessings!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

An evening with family

Here is our little girl with her Aunt List and her little cousin C3 - they are all C's so she is C3 since she is the 3rd! She is their cabboose and thier only girl too! Yeah for surprises!

Yesterday we have the good fortune of having Robert's brother and his wife and their kids over for supper and fun! After supper the men played the wii while the little ones watched with envy!! The kids did enjoy their ice cream cones in the back though to get a good sugar high going before they came in to demonstrate the Wii Fit for their aunt! Unfortunately that did not really wear them out either!

Here is the gang enjoying cones outback - How E got 2 we ar enot sure, but C1 seemed to relinquich his on his own?? Who gives away their ice ream cone? Maybe someone not a fan of homemade cherry ice cream? Well, E did not mind one bit!

We all had lots of fun! We will see them again next weekend so I am sure there will be more to come on that! P turns the BIG 6 a week from Wednesday - so we will be having a low gathering to celebrate on Labor Day - which ironically I was in labor on Labor Day! But he did not arrive until the next day!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Legos for all!

It is amazing how trading a child for a day changes everyone! We traded our oldest J for a friend's child the same age as P. This child we will call him L plays well with P and E - he is about the size of E but closer in age to P so this works well. Anyway, they played legos most of the day and everyone got along and played nicely - do you think it is because "the Boss" - Mr J - was out for the day? I don't know for sure - but it was nice! And J came home boasting of eating our favorite pizza out with the other family and everyone was instantly jealous! (another issue for another day : humility and jealousy)

We also had an adventurous dinner! I was challenged to find a recipe for the sunburst squash we received earlier this week in our produce co-op - so I found a recipe for stuffed sunburst squash, added some cooked cabbage, and another favorite of a sauted squash medley! It was very tasty and healthy too!

We are hoping to get those cute little squashes again sometime.

Otherwise, life is going along as usual. School went well this morning - P is moving right along with Math and has moved into his new book! J is well into his book after starting earlier this summer. Both have been enjoyed reading Our Island Story and learning some cool stuff about early Britian! Well off to some poetry! We are still enjoying Shel Silverstein!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New haircuts!!

I know most kids are getting hair cuts in preparation for back to school - and are 1/3 of the way through our year already - but we decided to join the new haircut movement anyway!! So here are a few of the new looks (for P & E anyway!)....

E requested a Mohawk - so I allowed him to get a faux-hawk. He loves it! He got lots of attention from a neighbor and that sealed the deal that this the look for him! And then P wanted to kiss the curls goodbye, so we are somewhat short & spikey!
All in all I think they both look pretty cute!

J just went shorter ..... and he looks pretty cute too! Getting so big!

Rainy Days

We are having un-seasonably nice weather this week. It is cool out right now and raining! While this means the kids are inside and a bit wild, I am so happy to see the rain & I know my plants are too!!

We just trekked out to pick up our Produce Co-op! I love Tuesdays when we get to go through our 2 weeks supply of yummy fruits and veggies!! Check out much of today's delivery!
The kids love Tuesdays too because they get lots of fruit choices and usually get to eat lots of goodies! Of course J is always sad when we do not get beets! But we are all excited about our cabbage and raspberries this week!

Here is a favorite scene of mine...J reading to the others. Right now P is the only one benefiting from J's reading of Shel Silverstien's poems

in Falling Up! We are loving that book!! I love that J enjoys sitting with P, E & AG and reading to them! He feels so big and they love to listen to him!

Hope all is well in your world! Have a blessed day!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Olympics Fever at the Coles

What a week!! Talk about some history in the making with Michael Phelps & the olympics!! My kids all want to be gymnasts now or swim like Michael! It was so fun for them to watch the games and learn a bit about China and see some amazing stories Like Daria and so many others!! I love that the kids are learning that age is not as limiting as it seems in life, that if you try your best you never know what you will accomplish...the lessons go on!

Well we are off to prepare for another week of amazing sports and lots of fun! One more week before "non-homeschool" starts this week, so we have to pack lots of fun in this week with our friends before they are off again! Take care....

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Olympic Fever Has hit!

Okay, so we were on track with school and everything else, and then WHAM! The Olympics hit and I cannot seem to get anything done, all the kids want to do is watch the games and J cannot stop talking about Misty Mays. How he knows who Misty is, is beyond me! I did not know who she was - but I guess she was on Qubo and he "met" her and now is a huge fan!!
Anyway, we are thoroughly enjoying watching USA take lots of medals!! The boys all think they want to be gymnasts and are practicing on the swing set - and AG walks around all day (home & out) saying "Go Girls" or "Go USA" - (note: girls are Misty and and Kerri :)) Of course I have loved watching some GREAT swim events!!

Today we did get out for a "field trip" to Auntie Anne's Pretzels! The kids loved it and I admit they were yummy!

Back to the games - gotta watch Misty!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Back to school

What a week we have had so far!
The heat hit 109 on Monday so we hunkered down and tried to survive inside. I quickly realized this system will not work! So we have hit the park these last 2 days about 7:30 am and that is working for us!
Today is only supposed to get to the low 90's - what a cool day! And actually the kids have been out most of the day!
We got back into the schedule of school this week too. After a crazy Monday, I decided to try school after lunch (while Anna sleeps) and when it is the hottest outside! It works! It is working great for us! The kids like having my attention in the afternoon (normally their quiet time) and when AG is asleep it is one less pre-schooler to track! So until the weather cools off I think we may school in the afternoons!
Thanks for reading! Have a great day!


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