Thursday, June 24, 2010

On the brink of change

We are planning to spend this weekend in Corsicana – we are going to go see our top 3 houses and are ready to make an offer.  So we will see – which house, how much,and will they take it??

Katie is doing great!  If you are wondering who Katie is click HERE – she is using the litter box (even though the vet said not for a couple weeks) today we did not have any accidents!!  yeah!  I think cats might be easier than kids!    She is eating a ton (of kitten milk replacement) and getting a round little tummy.  I think she is about to get some solid food when we get back.  She is playing more and getting a little adventuresome on the floor – mostly if we are near her.  The kids love her and she loves them, so far so good!

So all is well here.  Robert’s last day at Dr Pepper is today – right now.  He is so excited, I am too!  So glad this chapter is behind us.  Getting a little anxious about our move – mostly the right house, the right cost and the timing.  We just have no idea.  But I remind myself to trust – trust that the timing will be perfect – it always is.

Our eldest son – J – will be coming home tomorrow too!  So excited.  I have tried to not think about it much this week, we have been busy, but man I miss that boy!  His big hugs, his heart to help and how much he loves his brothers and sister.  We have all felt his absence this week and will be so thrilled to see him (stinky or not) tomorrow morning!  I am praying God worked in his life in new ways – and that their relationship is super strong!  Can’t wait to hear all about it!

So we are off to a hotel this weekend (compliments of Guardian) to play in the pool and see some more of Corsicana while we finalize the housing details.  The kids love hotels – they hold some kind of mystery I think.  Of course, the cable TV thing helps too – since all we have is rabbit ears!  So we will take in some pool time, some cable shows, and some time away just the 6 of us.  And on Sunday we are going to visit church in Corsicana – the one we think we will attend – but really have no idea! 

So please pray that God will be clear in the details for us.  We are excited, but anxious too!!  We have never negotiated on a house – or bought a pre-owned one.  So this is a bit new for us.

So far it has been a great summer of tons of fun with friends and lots of time in the water….next week is going to be even more fun – all my kids will be home, and we have friends (mostly from Mansfield) coming to visit lots next week! 

We are blessed!!  And we are so thankful for each blessing!

Monday, June 21, 2010

My boy is growing up

J leaving for camp

Our oldest left this morning for a week long church camp.  He was a little anxious on the way.  Mind you, this is not just his first over night (for 4 nights) but this is not normal for us.  He does not leave every day by himself for 8 hours.  We spend most days together, the kids and I, and not apart in different classrooms or different buildings.  So this is a BIG first for us.

But I am so excited for him, for the friendships I hope he makes and for the firsts he will experience : Zipline, some tall tower, and sleeping away from us for 4 nights.

Our second son went to bed sharing how  much he missed his brother, but I think this is good for him too.  A week to be the big boy, to be the one “in charge” so to speak.  It is good for all of them to feel how it is different without their big brother.

So I hope he draws closer to God this week, I hope his relationship gets stronger and he meets Him on a new level.  It is going to be a good week all around!!

PS – notice the Green hair color?  his nails are green too!  Their camp color this week is green!!  So fun!  And the overall theme is Military!  Of course or family loves that theme!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Is she a…..

Visitor or new family member??

katie 2010 002


katie 2010 009

This was a Father’s Day surprise this morning, compliments of our wonderful husband/daddy…..

He spotted our girl on the sidewalk on the way out of our neighborhood as we headed to my parents for lunch.  She was lethargic and sitting in the shade on the sidewalk.  So while Robert talked on the phone to someone at work, I stopped to check on her and she was not healthy or happy.

She walked right up to me as I talked to her – her eye was crusted and I suspected she was missing an eye.

The kids never really saw her, we took her back to the house to put her in a box to take to the shelter tomorrow.  I left her some milk in a bowl but suspected she would not know how to drink it.

So as we headed off to Fort Worth my dear daughter announced that the kitten’s name was Katie – and that she loved her so much.  Mind you she never saw the cat.

But she was right, our new friend is a girl. 

So while out looking for food I met up with some people from the rescue place (at petsmart) and they told me the shelter will not save her – she is too young.  So not sure about Katie’s future.  But she is sweet – likes the kids and seems to be surviving!

So after a little clean up it turns our she has both eyes!!  And after tracking down some kitten food I think she has a full belly and seems happy.  She is sleeping right now right next to me – I think she likes it here!

katie 2010 005

So we’ll keep you posted!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

On the Move Again

It has been a while since I have updated on here, things are changing so fast that I guess I was waiting until we knew something solid.

So Robert starts a new job in 12 days in Corsicana Texas – about 1 hour and 20 minutes from our house.  Never did we think we would be moving to the country.  I mean, we wanted this, we hoped for something like this to come along sometime, but really thought it would be many years before we could ever do something like this.

Last spring we hatched our first plan to move out of Mansfield to the country, buy some land and let Robert commute in to the metroplex.  But we knew it would be expensive and lots of driving.  Now we are about to go house hunting where land is very affordable!  It is exciting to see all the opportunities God is revealing to us.

So we are in the planning phase of many different things like chickens, maybe honey bees (that would be next spring), and a dog (or two).  Robert will have lots of building projects this fall and winter as we prepare for a sizeable garden and chickens.  The kids are beside themselves anticipating all the adventures they will have!!


   I stumbled on a fantastic blog today The Lazy B and have learned so many things especially about honey bees!  I love her daughter’s blog too here – I have been inspired by her love of cooking and helping take care of her family.  What a blessing our children are and continue to be as they grow older.


  So our adventure continues, and it will be a bit of a journey to get out to the country with our brood.  First we are playing here with friends, then we head out to Maine with family for a while – seeing lots of family and friends along the way, then we will eventually end up in the country!  I cannot wait, it is going to be such fun!!


This past week we had a fantastic time at VBS – unfortunately I do not have any pics because one of the other teachers took all the pics – but trust me it was loads of fun!!   The kids are worn out though and may sleep most of the week!   I may too for that matter!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

This week we….

Did haircuts:

PJ before haircut

PJ after haircutBefore                                                    After

JB post haircut

Another After Look


Pool time with friends!

byery and cole kids ED swimming girls swimming  

And having some quiet days at home!! yeah!


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