Saturday, October 24, 2009

Moving again

Well, sort of moving. It looks like we will be moving from Honey Grove this week (HOPEFULLY) to Irving. We are hoping to get a house that we are interested in renting. We should know Monday if they are going to accept us as tenants and then we hope to occupy sometime later this week.

Meanwhile, Robert starts working Monday and is going to be staying with his brother and his family, Should be fun, he is in the family atmosphere but does not have to do the actual work of a great dad. So this should be a good break from the crazy family while he settles in to work. Hope he gets his Dr. Pepper fill this week too - we will see!

The kids and I are heading back from Arlington to Honey Grove tomorrow after church. We are planning to try a church near our new "home" and then we will hit the road AGAIN! Next time we trek in we are hoping to spend some time in one place. But we will see! I suspect it will take more than one trip to the cabin to move us out completely, but that is okay. The kids will love going back to get our stuff! They are going to miss the country big time! And the dogs are going to miss them! There are 4 dogs that the neighbor in front of our house own and they have adopted our children as their family! So both are going to be in withdraw in about a week.

So time will tell where we will be and for how long. For now we are excited to have a house of our own (sort of) and to get all our stuff. I am thrilled to have a bread making day in sight, not to mention my sewing machine and a few other favorites!

Today we had a great day in town. We started out taking care of house rental business but then quickly linked up with the Gladden family and ended up watching Bryce play some Upwards Football, then off to lunch at a fantastic new place (Donnie's Hot Dog Stand in Mansfield) where I had the BEST Philly Cheese Steak I have ever had (and I lived in NJ for a long time). Then we hung out and let the boys play, until we walked to the park to let them play some more. Just a fabulous day - great weather, great friends and lots of fun!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Where to begin

How do you sum up this week? I am not even sure where to begin.

To see God think you know where he is taking you........and then out of no where (well not really no where...but unexpectedly) he changes the direction.

And to look back over the past 6 months and see him knitting together an amazing plan in her perfect way.

And to look forward to changes, good and difficult, and to be excited about it all.

Well that is just the tip of the iceberg of my week.

Monday was the day Robert was officially employed, and while we were absolutely thrilled to be ending this journey and beginning the next, we were not expecting that Dr. Pepper would be THE job. So that took some time processing it all, and readjusting my thinking.

Then Tuesday Robert flew almost all day. He caught an earlier flight to fly into DFW standby - but then was re-routed, and eventually landed in Dallas about 3 hours after he was initially scheduled to. So we each drove up to Oklahoma City to meet up with my mom and Louie (her husband). We got checked in to our hotel and just enjoyed some time visiting.

We enjoyed a fun day on Wednesday at the Children's Science museum with the gang - the kids loved it - of course!! For lunch we tried to hit a Diner, Drive-in and Dive from the food channel, but the site we chose did not appear open. So instead we headed to a place called Mamma E's - Waffles & Wings. It was soul food and it was lots of fun! The kids were able to tryout Neck Bones thanks to Louie choosing those. My mom opted for the Wings and Waffles. Robert and I went for the soul food and enjoyed our food! It was really a little dive - writing on the walls, but super friendly cooks and servers! So there is another of the Triple D stops for us (that makes 3 this summer).

Wednesday night we were able to meet Jim's friend (girl-friend) at our hotel. She trekked over with her aunt and her son. Sylvia is from Italy - like really from Italy. And her aunt is as well. So it was fun to talk with them about just about everything from Jim, visiting him, and even some about Italian food! Noah (Sylvia's son) entertained the boys and he seemed to enjoy that too!

Thursday was Jim's parole hearing, so my mom and Louie headed to the prison to speak for Jim during his hearing. They also requested a meeting with his counselor while they were there. Jim was granted parole - which we were thrilled to hear. So that was a great way to start this day. Robert and I took the kids back to the science museum to see more of the stations. Then we met for lunch and this time we chose a more healthier route and did Souper Salad. After that we headed out to do some shopping - books, boots, clothes, and I am sure some other good stuff.

Friday was good too. We headed to Bricktown in Oklahoma City - we played in the Bass Pro Shop - what kid does not love that place!? We had a great lunch at Toby Keith's - not his home, but his bar & grill. Great meal! After that we opted to walk along their canal or river walk. It was getting beautiful out and it was great to let the kids run and play while we walked along.

Finally today I was able to go with my mom and Louie to see Jim - we think it has been about 18 years since we have seen each other. This was a new experience for me with regards to prison, I have never been there to see anyone. But it was just really fun to see Jim, to see how great he looks, how little he has changed, and to just catch up! The prison part was not so bad, the visiting was well worth the weirdness of the location! So now, Robert is at the prison meeting Jim for the first time, and getting to know him a little bit. Then we are off to some great BBQ tonight at Rudy's one of our favorites!

So while all this is going on my mind is trying to take it all in. I continue to be amazed at how God is working in my life, reuniting me with Jim after so many years. Allowing me now a third opportunity to be with my mom and get to know her more and more. I have claimed the verse from Joel so many times for God restoring the time the locusts have eaten away. And this time is another of those times when God is restoring so much! He has restored so much time in my family - when Robert was away from us when Peter was born (before the actual birth and after) and now with regard to the many years I have been apart from my mom and my brother.

There are still many things on the horizon that are going to be difficult. There are challenges with regards to Jim's release (specifically an intrastate agreement so he can go to Oregon). Challenges for us - finding a house, church and getting settled in at Dr Pepper for Robert. But we are really excited and feel so blessed. God continues to bless us and be so good to us. We have not gotten everything we hoped for during this time in our lives, but he sure is blessing us in so many ways!

And thank you to all who are praying for our family - you are really a blessing to us!

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Wait is over

Well, after 6 months, 23 states (so far I think) and lots of great memories we have a job and Robert starts in 2 weeks working for Dr Pepper in Irving TX (yes in the middle of the metroplex) for the next 18-36 months. We are so excited to be done job hunting and very excited to get back to normal life (as if that exists!).

So tomorrow we will start to look for a house to rent. Then we head to OK to see my mom and my brother. We will spend the week in Oklahoma City and we are very excited!

God has really watched over us these last six months has blessed us more times than we can count. We had a great time waiting on him and watching him work, but we are excited to be ending this journey as well!

So thank you for your prayers we have felt them through everything. And stay tuned for more details as we gear up for another phase of our lives!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

God Moves

Still no word on our future.. but trust me when I say that when God moves HE MOVES!!

God has been moving in our lives for ages, but these past six months he is moving even more, but not like these last 2 weeks. I will share details soon. I promise, but just trust me - he is moving!

If you are not sure if he still moves in your life, you are not looking hard enough!! I can see him all around me, and as I look around right now and see him moving and seem amazed - I am reminded that he is always moving, I am just not usually paying attention!!

So pay attention - he is BIG and he moves.

I am excited!!!

Meanwhile, we are getting back on the road in 2 days to head to Oklahoma to see my mom and Louie to attend my brother's parole hearing. Very exciting too! He is being paroled this week and I will get to see him after almost 18 years or so of not seeing each other! Again, God is so Good all the time!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Review of : Green by Ted Dekker


by Ted Dekker

At Last . . . The Circle Reborn
The story of how Thomas Hunter first entered the Black Forest and forever changed our history began at a time when armies were gathered for a final battle in the valley of Migdon. Green is a story of love, betrayal, and sweeping reversals set within the apocalypse. It is the beginning: the truth behind a saga that has captured the imagination of more than a million readers with the Books of History Chronicles.
But even more, Green brings full meaning to the Circle Series as a whole, reading as both prequel to Black and sequel to White, completing a full circle. This is Book Zero, the Circle Reborn, both the beginning and the end. The preferred starting point for new readers . . . and the perfect climax for the countless fans who’ve experienced Black, Red, and White.

MY Review:

Green. What a great story! I love anything that Ted Dekker writes, but to read Green and see how so many other novels fit together to form this story was just wonderful!
As always Ted Dekker has amazing characters that you come to love, you fear for them, and you weep with them. Thomas Hunter once again takes center stage in Green, but unlike the other books in this varied series, nearly every character is addressed in this final, and yet first, novel. I so enjoyed watching how Dekker wove this story together in a way that it could be the first story you pick up in this series, or the final.
Thomas Hunter must go between the two realities, that really only exist to him, while many other characters in the book try to understand it all through his explanations. One world is current day our world, and the other is 200 years in the future in a “different” world where spiritual issues take a more physical form. This time, Thomas is forced to move between the two realities despite his obvious choice for the world of Elyon. We see Thomas struggle with watching his son turn against everything he has learned to believe, and yet Thomas must let him go. His son Samuel makes choices of his own free will, and resulting in much more dire situation than he could ever imagine. Standing by are many characters we have grown to love, or hate, through Black, Red and White. The evil priests, the worms, the Shitaiki bats all play the role of evil as they battle against the Roush, representing the good. To see things come full circle in this final book was so enjoyable. And yet, when I finished the last chapter my first impulse was to run out to find Black to continue the Circle further!!
There are so many issues that Dekker deals with while telling a wonderful story of passion, love and loss. He deals head on with faith in God, beliefs about evil and many other topics we deal with today. He addresses the struggle our society is facing with understanding truth and where God is in regards to truth. I love how he delves into thoughts we all have, doubts we have even as a strong believers in God, and encourages us to search for the true answer. We see how the characters struggle with trusting in Elyon (God) even though they have not seen him manifest his miracles in what seems like ages. And yet, many stand firm in their beliefs, while many others choose another path to follow. To see the love Chelise feels for her family even though they have yet to believe like she does in Elyon reminds us to love those in our lives without hesitation as they too struggle with our beliefs.
I personally cannot get enough of Ted Dekker of his delightful characters, and I do plan to start the journey again…reading Black, Red and White with a new perspective!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

While we are waiting

we are enjoying our time in the country! We are trying to get on the 4-wheelers when we can! We are collecting as many frogs as we can find and enjoy playing with them until we have to "let them go". We are enjoying watching the cows and I love to see how they have such a relaxed view of life. It calms me when they are near the house grazing and just wandering around.

we are visiting our friends. We are enjoying the weekend in Arlington with friends. Trying to get some errands run and lots of playtime for the kids. We are excited to go to church tomorrow with some friends too!

we are praising our God. We really are - just about every day we look at one another (Robert and I) and we just talk about how blessed we are. We are so thankful for so many great family members offering to open their homes to our rambunctious brood, and really would Love to have us. We are so blessed to have friends open their homes ( and cabins) to us as well.

we are feeling peaceful despite the tough times. We really are. We feel like this has all had a purpose beyond what we can see. We have felt God's hand upon us throughout this journey, and lately I have seen his fingerprints all around us. It is such a blessing to serve a loving, gracious God. He is amazing.

So, while we seem to think we are nearing the end of this journey, we continue to wait. And if God tells us no to some opportunities before us, we will continue to wait and praise him and count our blessings. It has been such a special time this last 6 months when we really have rested in the comfort only God can offer while we let him lead us down a new path for our family!

Please continue to pray that God will use our experience to encourage others. Please pray for wisdom for our family as we will need to make some decisions in the weeks to come. And please continue to pray for the health of our children and for peace for their parents!! May God bless you as well!!


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