Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wrap up : Cousin Camp 2012

What a fun week we had!!  We were so excited this year to have the cousins from Houston come play with us!  We enjoyed some slow time here at the farm, some time out playing, and some time crafting!  This is how we spent our Saturday evening, wrapping up our time together.. (movie night, Cars 2)

cousin camp wind down

We ended Cousin Camp on Monday when we trekked down to Houston to take the cousins home.

The day before we did that we sent my two big boys off to camp with our church.  So as we headed south we only had four kids – with tow of ours gone!  What a different dynamic!!  2 girls and 2 boys – and they paired up nicely and enjoyed each other’s attention!

4 happy kids


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Book Review : The Company

A recent read, I enjoyed was The Company, by Chuck Graham.

The Company Cover

This book was not at all what I expected. Not sure what I expected, but as I started this book, I was not sure I was going to enjoy it. However, that being said, I was not able to put it down, which says a lot for the author Chuck Graham.

Check this video out to see a bit more about it…

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Running for My Life

Lopez Lomong

I heard about this man.  I am not sure where, but recently.  I knew his story was amazing.  Some how I missed it four years ago, and I wish I had not, I wish I watched the Beijing Olympics knowing what I know now.  Either way, I knew I wanted to read this book. 

However, I am a bit spoiled these days and do not buy a book very often (unless for schooling those kids of mine).  If I read a book, it is usually a free book that I am to review after reading.  I love reviewing books I get for free!  I love how God has been blessing me with these books.

God once again has blessed me with another book!  I saw an ad in World Magazine for the first 200 people to sign up would get a free copy of Running For My Life.  I {almost} ran to the computer to sign up and try to get it!  And low and behold I did!  So thrilled!!  I started reading it that day and finished it today!!


Check out this video to see a bit about what I am raving about…


This is by far one of my most favorite books!  The best book of 2012 –as far as I am concerned!!!

I loved this book!  I loved Lopez’s message throughout the book that pointed back over and over to God’s hand in his life.  I loved that he never lost hope or faith in God.  I love that no matter what he was always optimistic and always praying.

I loved this book.  I cried when I saw Lopez’s character shine through some of the worst moments.  I laughed many times.  And I renewed my faith in God’s people and all they can do.

This is an amazing book – I recommend it for anyone!  I am passing it along to J as soon as he gets back from camp – and he is 11. I expect to let PJ read it when J is done.  I hope that it will give my children a little bit more sense of all they have been given and encourage a sense of responsibility.

If you read anything in the next 5 months, please, please read this book!!  It will inspire you on many levels!!   And don’t miss watching him run in London in a week or so!!

To read more about Lopez and see more pictures check out his website – you will want to get a copy of this book as much as I did!!

NOTE :  I am offering this opinion/review just because I loved this book so much, I have no obligation to review this book!

Cousin Camp : Day 3

Friday was a fun day too!

Same beginning, early devotions, followed by a run and dog walk, some chores and then breakfast.

We played lots more chess, some risk, trampoline time, and pretty much just life as a kid trying to stay a bit cool.

The afternoon shaped up into some fun too! First, we tye dyed some t-shirts, capri pants for AG (they were stained), and 2 dish towels. Lots of fun for everyone!

Tye Dye on the line_thumb[1]

AG tye dying_thumbEd dying his shirt_thumb

J and his shirt_thumb[2]

Cousin Camp : Day 2

The days continue to start early here at Cousin Camp!!  The kids are up by 6:30 and we are having out devotions by 7:00am (if not earlier).  The kids are praying for each other each morning which has been awesome to hear.  I love listening to them pray blessings over each other each morning, great way to start the day!

Then it is off to a morning run – about 1.2 miles – down the road.  John and Sage both are on a summer track team, so we are trying to keep them in shape!

Then back for some chores, chess or a reading lesson depending on who you are….

doing chores


Sage and JOhn


AG reading lesson


Then, on Thursday we ran out to the bowling alley with another friend and had 2 great games of bowling! So much fun!


Thursday night was non-eventful, more of kids all talking into the week hours, and trying to fight sleep!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cousin Camp : Snakes & Sewing

What a day!!  Day 1 – Cousin Camp 2012

Wake up : 6:00/6:30

We kicked the kids out early to go for a run.   Then Robert and I joined them with Polly.  Gotta grab the cool weather before it takes off if you want to be outside!

Then we enjoyed breakfast and the boys went to throw tomahawks and the girls went to the school room to sew!

July 2012 082

We sewed 2 pillow cases and worked on a skirt for Sage.

Book Review : My Prince Will Come

I had the privilege recently to read a charmingly sweet book. I have to admit though, this book was not what I expected.


My Prince Will Come  -     
        By: Sheri Rose Shepherd
Sheri Rose Shepherd has written several books, including a wonderful devotion book for boys and another for girls, that we own. They are just the sweetest books for children to read that point them unashamedly to the cross. I love the beautiful writing by Sheri and I was excited to get a chance to read some more of it!


I expected this book to be a devotion book of sorts,the kind you read a page/chapter a day, and I suppose you could read it as such, but it is so much more than a book like that.  The chapters that Sheri wrote in this book at not superficial, scratch the surface topics, she digs deep into four truths of life.  The four chapters contain several sections that you could break up into daily readings.  The subjects of the four chapters are Taking your royal position, Living in the freedom he has won, The Art of loving one another, and Getting ready for my Lord’s return.


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