Saturday, September 3, 2011

Birthday Blast


We had a great Saturday today – and we needed it after spending many hours Thursday and Friday seeing various medical people.



It was a great birthday celebration!  We celebrated my sweet boy’s big day – turning 9 today!

happy boy

Can you tell how excited he was to open presents this morning?  He received several fun games (we love games) and lots of money too!  Both made him very happy!!

We had a house full today of cousins, a friend and many other family, including Great Grandma!

Family sept 3 2011

We also had 2 “cakes” – one was a Popcorn Cake (with pretzel M&Ms and Reese’s pieces, with chocolate drizzled on top)

popcorn cake

The other was Chocolate Cup Cakes filled with peanut butter and topped with Butter Cream Icing &  a peanut butter cup.

peanut butter choc cupcakes

Aunt Linda arrived with water guns for everyone and kites too – and we were blessed with some wind to fly them!

flying a kite

Happy Birthday to my super sweet, snuggly, curly haired, adorable boy!!  We love you!!

pj and cupcake

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