Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cousin Camp : Day 2

The days continue to start early here at Cousin Camp!!  The kids are up by 6:30 and we are having out devotions by 7:00am (if not earlier).  The kids are praying for each other each morning which has been awesome to hear.  I love listening to them pray blessings over each other each morning, great way to start the day!

Then it is off to a morning run – about 1.2 miles – down the road.  John and Sage both are on a summer track team, so we are trying to keep them in shape!

Then back for some chores, chess or a reading lesson depending on who you are….

doing chores


Sage and JOhn


AG reading lesson


Then, on Thursday we ran out to the bowling alley with another friend and had 2 great games of bowling! So much fun!


Thursday night was non-eventful, more of kids all talking into the week hours, and trying to fight sleep!

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