Thursday, December 13, 2012

busy days.

I feel like these days are flying by!!  But they’ve been good days!

A few home-improvement projects with Daddy, a party here, and lots of fun there… it’s been a good time!

First, PJ helped Daddy lay tile in our bathroom – I love it!!

Second, ED helped Daddy pull up the molding in the hallway, clean it up and put new molding down.

checking out the wall

This morning, we celebrated our First day of Christmas Giving!  It was so fun when the kids opened their bags to see what was inside.  Of course, they were hoping for toys, but were quickly excited to see the fun craft we were going to make.

We made Hot Chocolate Spoons to give to all our friends at our Christmas Party.  The kids got sprinkles, chocolate chips, plastic spoons, and mini m&m’s.  Then we filled our spoons with melted chocolate and decorated!  So fun!!

Today we made time to have a Christmas Celebration with friends!  What a great time to fellowship, play some ping pong, and enjoy some yummy treats!  It was so much fun!!

We ended our party with a trip to the Nursing Home to sing a bit – we had a blast singing and enjoying the residents!

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