Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Boys in the Kitchen

{well, some girls too}

We are in the midst of final preparations for the District 4H food competition.  All my boys are doing a Quiz Bowl – they have to memorize tons of nutrition info and then as a team they compete to see which team can get more points.

My oldest is also in the Food Challenge, which is like Chopped on the Food channel.  They are given some food and they have to make a dish, then talk about what they did, the nutritional value per serving and how it meets the USDA for our diets.  So, yesterday we met at a Lake House to practice…

After watching these kids in the kitchen practicing I am even more determined to get my kids in my kitchen more often than I do.  So today I recruited J to make some hummus for us for lunch!

chef j

We used THIS recipe.  We assembled our ingredients


~2 cans chick peas, handful of cilantro, lime,

salt & pepper, & olive oil~

(I was excited to use my fresh olive oil from Oregon that I got for Christmas!! )

lime and plane

juicing 2

Next we zested our lime, and then juiced it.


Poured the beans/peas into the Food Processor

(another wonderful Christmas present!!)

pouring into processor

Put the cilantro and garlic on the top.

ready to mix


Pulsed it all up – then drizzled our Olive Oil into the processor as it was mixing…

almost there

Then we let it go for about 3 minutes to make sure it was all mashed and had a smooth texture.


For lunch we enjoyed it with some fresh whole wheat bread and finished with some peanut butter chocolate chip granola bars we made this morning!

granola bars

I really like having the kids almost able to prepare meals, gives me a brief break at times!!  Plus I am laying the foundation for a husband who will bless his wife!!

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