Monday, September 9, 2013

a little “from scratch”

I have not heard of Make It From Scratch Week, not until tonight.  But it sounds good to me!! 

Without knowing about this fun little blog-along I made “from-scratch” calzones for lunch today.  I used a recipe from HERE and doubled it.  After scarfing them down, my family begged to eat the left-overs!  Oh  my!!  No clue that these will be lunch next week or some other time in the future!!  I had to swat some hands – even my husband!!  So they were a hit!  We filled these pockets of yummy goodness with some left over sausage and peppers! 

Next, I chased down a recipe for freezer biscuits that I kept seeing on Pinterest.  I found THIS one and whipped up a double batch, which is not a double batch if your hubby likes them super thick (like mine) but either way, a batch of biscuits is in my freezer ready for a quick breakfast!!

Lastly, after seeing the Make It From Scratch teaser, I saw a link for a Primal/Paleo Fudge – so while I am NOT Paleo- in any way shape or form, nor do I even advocate it  – I followed the link too.  The ingredients were a few of our favorites and so I thought I ‘d whip that up too.  So while we are waiting for our rice to finish cooking for supper, the left over, corner biscuits are cooking (had to try them) and the fudge is chilling in the fridge.  Mmmm – sounds like a great ending to this day!!


Bon Apetit!!

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