Monday, January 13, 2014

Baby Goats have arrived!

We had such a great week last week – we woke up to find Primrose with her first baby both doing well!

The next morning I expected to find Petunia’s babies too – but instead I found a doe so ready to give birth I knew it would be anytime!!  So we started to check every hour or so, and about noon J called all of us to say it was happening!

We were so blessed to watch her deliver her baby – I mean babies!!  Oh my – we were hoping for twins, we got triplets!!

And we are in love!!

Here are some videos that will share our experience – it was amazing!!

Both mommas are doing great, and all the babies are growing fast!!

Here is arrival of baby #2 – Calla Lily “Callie”


Here is the arrival of baby #3 -  - Darth Mal

Life is going well here on Milk & Honey Meadows!!


P.S.- the honey is officially in the works too!!  Yay!!

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