Thursday, October 23, 2008

What a day...

We left the house yesterday at 8 am and did not get home until a little after 8pm. This may seem normal to some ... it is not to our family! We are never gone like that. We started out heading the the Dallas Arboretum to meet our CHEA friends (homeschool group) but we wanted to get there a little early (when it opened) to get our pictures out of the way first. That was a great success! There was not hardly anyone there and the kids were somewhat compliant! WOW! I did bring chocolate!

Next, Jennifer arrived and suggested we head up to IKEA to take advantage of our current location....with a little coersion I decided that did sound fun. For some reason I did not compute the time in my head. Needless to say after leaving IKEA we were in "early" rush hour traffic and had to skip the stop at home to "regoup" and went straight to church, to choir, to lead Bible study and so forth.

During Bible study someone called my cel, and since I could not find it I ignored it. I mean, most people know that Wednesday night I am at church. They called back about 10 minutes later - so at that point I found my phone to see what was the problem. It was Robert, his little car died and he was awaiting the tow truck! Ugh!! So then after church, the kids and I trekked over to the auto shop to meet him (in the dark and secluded auto shop) to take him home. We finally arrived home to then have to put pre-school activity packets together for about 2 hours (they are due today) (and I procrastinated!) so now, I am tired and we have another full day.

The good news? Well, I got some great pics, some fun Christmas gifts, and I did enjoy hanging out with Jennifer! So, all in all it was worth it!

My favorite pics are at the top - hope you enjoy!


  1. What PRECIOUS pictures of some precious kids! I love pouty princess with all her brothers trying to cheer her up. That needs to be earmarked for her wedding slide show some day, her husband will have a lot to live up to! You have some mad photo skillz girl, I am jealous of all the great shots you got.I'm also jealous of an Ikea trip! Catherine Asher

  2. Janelle -
    GREAT photos! Cat and I have been trying to find the perfect pumpkin patch for our little pumpkins to be photographed in. Looks like you found it! We'll have to take a trip to the Arboretum.

    I noticed that the "date taken" is set up wrong on your camera, though. It showed the photos as being taken on June 24, 2008. You might want to set the date and time correctly so you can find your fall pics easier. :) Blessings!



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