Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thankful for Family at Thanksgiving

I just wanted to let all of your readers (family) know that we are wishing you many reasons to be thankful this Thanksgiving. We have way too many to list but here are a few we wanted to share with you:

1. Reconnecting with my (Janelle's) mom this year (totally a God thing) after almost 18 years out of touch.

2. That we (my mom and I) like each other, get along really well, and are amazingly alike in many ways!

3. That "Aunt" Kristen is following the Cole Plan for her family and will add a beautiful little girl to her brood in a few short months (after 3 adorable little boys)!

4. That "Uncle" James is willing to make huge sacrifices (with his family) for our country by serving in Iraq - thank you! (said with misty eyes!)

5. That we are able to travel to places like Maine, Michigan, North Carolina and Mississippi (and Dallas too) and spend great time with our family.

6. That the kids and I were able to see my Grandfather in early October - it had been about 4 years at least. The visit was tough as he was not looking great and is almost deaf and blind. We did stop by while in Mississippi though to say hello and check in on him. we are thankful for that brief visit because he passed away this past weekend. God is amazing and works all things for his good! I am glad we did not plan to do a visit "next" time, it would have been too late.

7. That we live in a country where we are allowed to teach our children at home and go to our church that teaches the truth of the Bible, where we worship the ONE true God!

8. That our boys are learning to love God passionately - and even our little girl who tells me all the time that Jesus loves me!

9. That we have a great group of kids and a healthy, happy family!

What more is there to say? We hope that you have a day of reflection and contemplation - and are able to see the many things our great and glorious God has given you this year - that you are able to thank God in all things and for all things. We are blessed and hope you feel that way too!

Happy Thanksgiving!
The Cole Clan

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