Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Standing still

Well, we are waiting again - or well, we are still waiting.

We are hanging out in Honey Grove Texas, enjoying - well tolerating the rain - but enjoying it! We had a great weekend with the Slagle Family at the cabin - lots of 4-wheeling - lots of catching up and just fun for the kids. Kim and Keith brought Thomas out and the kids were thrilled to have someone to play hide and seek with, and to ride a bit "crazier" on the 4 wheelers.

We have a down week this week as we wait to head to Austin for a job conference this weekend - then we head back to Dallas for an interview next week with Dr Pepper! So hopefully next week with be a good week - busy and good news!! I hope!

Meanwhile I get to go to our ladies retreat in Grapevine next weekend! I did not think we would be in Texas or unemployed still so never considered going to the retreat - and yet here we are - and I will get to go hang out with many friends from church not to mention get lots of spiritual food for my soul!! Yeah!

So we are still having ups and downs - as can be expected, but Robert and I are still friends (well really a bit more than that :) - but every has seemed to be worried about us being together 24 hours a day for so long) - and the kids are getting along wonderfully!! We are trying to get school in each day and that helps tremendously to set the tone for the day. We continue to wonder why this is taking so long and what the point of it all is...but overall we are just trusting God is more ways than ever before. We have really and are really learning to let go and just be still and know that he is God - because you know, he is!

So,that has been fun to go through this journey together and to be able to enjoy it on some level.

I will admit I have become frustrated - I want to get mail. I want to make bread again and I miss it so much! I miss my books, and I packed our math books, so my children may grow up to be mathematically illiterate - and for 2 computer science majors - that is not good and does not sit well!!

Do I sound ungrateful? I am not at all - in fact I feel more blessed than ever. We have a wonderful house to stay in, we have food to eat and there are still jobs on the horizon! So really, despite my frustration, life is so good. And more importantly - God is Good - all the time!

So we continue to wait, to rest in the promises of our Savior, and the enjoy all that he has provided for us.

Hope God is working in big ways in your life too .... just hope you do not have to lose a job to see how big!!

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  1. Thanks for the update, I have been wondering what the status is. Keep holding tight I am feeling it will be soon....



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