Sunday, November 22, 2009

Quiet Sunday

It is Sunday afternoon and my home is so quiet it is almost odd! But nice.

We have had a great weekend and very productive too - I am a little worried that the great is based on the level of productivity - but oh well! We did not have any plans this weekend except for church this morning. I cannot remember the last time we had a wide open weekend. It has been ages. So we decided to enjoy it and use it too. We accomplished so much yesterday! We started the day with a great breakfast (I think this was one key to our operation). Then I had a list for the kids, Robert and myself. And we did almost everything I think! My list was not a good list - some little things and not some big things - so I am ignoring my list for the most part. But the linen closet is organized, the school room is 90% done (and I am not sure it is ever 100% but we will see), the pictures are hung almost everywhere. The little kids room is pretty much done and the big boys room too. We went through all the kids closets (weeded out extra and too small stuff) re-arranged the little kids room and added a radio and light. The house feels so good. There are not stray assorted boxes anywhere now (well, one in the sunroom). It feels like a home you would invite friends over to. So I think we are ready to have some friends over.

School went really well this last week. We finished Wednesday with the group stuff and that freed up Thursday to head to Mansfield for dentist, eye dr, and friend plans. Then Friday we went up to a nearby mega-church to play in their kids area, called the Tubes. They have an indoor play area that is about 4 McD's (the evil place) worth of play equipment. Want to know the best part?? I got to sit outside of the enclosed place to watch but not hear or smell them! I was also blessed to sit with a new friend for about 2 hours and learn everything about her (well as much as 2 hours will allow) and enjoy her company! He son is about a year older than my oldest and they all hit it off immediately! It was lots of fun and we plan to do it again soon!

One of our favorite things we did this weekend was meet up with the other Coles - and we went to their church Friday night for a family service. It was tons of fun! My kids keep tlaking about it and how great it was. There was some praise music, a great skit, and then the best part was throwing colored balls in to a huge bin on stage - it was mass chaos! The kids loved it! And let me tell you, Watermark knows how to make kids happy, as we left there go popcorn (many flavors) and hot cocoa! Hope they do that again soon, we are sure to be there!!

Robert is working nights this week (well 2 nights of the week anyway) so he is in the middle of trying to switch his schedule around and stay up at night and sleep during the day. The nap part is okay, but the being tired in church and during lunch is not too fun. But he is only working Monday night and Tuesday night, so I think it is a great deal for him! Then off for the weekend!

We are heading to the other Cole's for Thanksgiving dinner - can't wait! it is going to be a bit crazy with these boys, but if the weather stays nice like predicted I think we will kick them out to play for most of the time! I am sure they will be excited for supper too since they are eating beans & rice for 3 days to reflect on how so many people in our world live. Check out their blog where they talk about the next 3 days and how the kids can't wait (but mom can!).

As Thanksgiving gets closer I am just amazed at how long our list of thanks is this year. We are thankful every year, but this year we were so blessed to really see God move in our lives. Really see him. I have always known he was there - but never before did I have to let go of all I know and trust that he would take care of us. It was a very precious gift he gave us, not only our time on the road together, but the increase in our faith and love for him! I am thankful for a Savior that I know, personally and intimately this year, one whose promises are always kept and always perfect!

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