Monday, November 16, 2009

What a weekend

Wow, this was a busy weekend and most of it was not spent in our house. Even though we are determined to slow down our road trips, we ended up back in the car Saturday morning to trek up to the cabin to clean it up and restore it to "before Cole Time" for the Slagles to have a clean home to spend Thanksgiving in. We did enjoy our time there - well the kids did. While they played and explored more (not sure there is anything unexplored...) Robert and I cleaned and finished packing up.

Did I mention that this trip was after a stop at Plymouth Baptist church for a skills assessment for Basketball this winter? No? Well, we did stop there first. I told Robert we did not really need a skills assessment for the boys because they really have no basketball skills.... but oh well. Peter sure tried his hardest and was so proud of his few baskets scored, while Jacob was pretty proud too. It is going to be a great season on watching them learn this game and see if they really like it. Meanwhile we need to invest in a basketball and maybe a goal!

On the way back we splurged for lunch at Chuy's (one our favorites). Then it was a few more stops for errands - do they ever end?? Then home. It was a very productive day, the cabin was clean, basketball sign ups done, and Robert was equipped to install a water filter on the fridge and an outlet in the sun room.

But, I forgot, the best part of my weekend. Friday night I was able to sneak away to spend some time with a few friends as we celebrated my friend Linda. Linda was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. I did not know until another friend posted her Friday night plan on Facebook. We were going to get together to visit, eat and pray over Linda. Little did I know we were going to help her in her hair losing process by shaving her head. It was such a nice evening. Fun to catch up, but more fun to really encourage a dear friend. To see the peace she is experiencing while going through this process is so inspiring. I know that she is trusting God in this whole process and with herself, but man, that must be hard. So please pray for my friend Linda that God would continue to encourage her and lift her up. Thanks!

Sunday took us back to First Baptist Irving, and we even visited Sunday school - met a few home school families - and enjoyed another great service. Definitely feel like God is leading us here, but we will see.

Now another week is before us, School will start again here with our regular schedule. I am excited to get that going! The boys need to routine and I do too. We still have lots to do around the house, but each day I will tackle some task and take it one thing at a time. That is about it for us. Hope you are all well.

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