Monday, May 24, 2010

playing in the pool

That is where we are – well, what we are doing.  We trekked down to Houston on Sunday and crashed' Robert’s cousin’s house.  We always love spending time with Matt & Terri and their kids.  When our kids are together they get along so well.  Our little girl and their “bigger” girl were so excited to have each other (I think each would love to have the other – a big sister or little sister) so they had so much fun being with another girl!!

We were able to see Robert’s grandmother too who moved back to Houston recently.  It is always fun to visit with her!

We made our way over to the pool Sunday afternoon for hours of swimming with the cousins and mom and dad – which is always fun!!

Terri and kids 1 AG swimming in Houston daddy and 2 boys ED at the pool JM at the pool P & JM swimming PJ at the pool in Houston S at the pool We also took a nice walk over to Terri’s mom (Robert’s aunt) and their Grandmother -

S & A walking to Gmas sassy little girl S & A piggy back

Hopefully we will be back in this area soon!! It was fun to catch up and play!!

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