Sunday, December 12, 2010

CHRISTmas here at the farm

About a week ago, I stopped at Hobby Lobby while in Tyler.  I was shocked!!  I had no idea that the crazy Christmas world was still in motion.  I jumped off that train.  I have been trying to jump off for years, or maybe I should say I have been working on the jumping off process for years, a little closer to make the real jump each time.

This was the year.  We plunged off the train – off the shopping for the perfect gift for everyone, shopping, shopping and more shopping.  We jumped off the “I need a few more things to decorate with….”  we even have a simple tree this year; not only do we have our 13 year old tree that is not pre-lit and missing a few branches, but we have about 1/3 of our ornaments on it. 

We have not bought very many gifts at all this year.  We are making a few – and cutting back on most.  We are sticking to the 3 per child guide that we have been working on aiming for for the past 4-5 years. 

Do you know how this all feels??



When I read this post a few days ago by Ann Voscamp I knew I had to share ….

Three reasons Why Christmas needs a Cross at the Center

1. Because the cross is the only thing that can support a life, the cross where we can lay it all down and just rest —- and then rise to Christ.

2. Because though this season may stretch us, it was never meant to be a burden — Any weight of Christmas is of this world and all the weightlessness of Christmas is the Grace of the Wood with the flesh wrapped over Deity.

3. Because God’s gift to us this season is made with wood and nails and a heart bled out to heal ours. The Cross is how God signs His Love to a loud and deaf world, a world with wounds of it’s own. He knows — He knows. And in love, He won’t leave us alone.

{I love #2 – until this year there was always so much stress associated with Christmas and my expectations – always unrealistic – I just love how she talks about how that stress is not Christmas – it is the WORLD}

One of the biggest blessings of this new Christmas has been how much I have enjoyed these past few weeks.  We have been doing our Jesse Tree devotions (almost) daily, we are trying to talk a bit about Advent on Sunday, we have been praying for our friends and family each night, even changing up what we do with family – and wow!!  It has been a few weeks of focusing on the real reason.  I mean we all talk about it - “The Reason for the Season” but when you really spend these days talking with those you love about that which matters most, your heart warms, grows bigger and softens for others.  It has been amazing!

God is so good – he wants us to delight in this time of the year.  This time when we get to celebrate the coming of Hope, of Peace, of Love, and of Joy – that is what He is, who He is, what He offers us. 

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