Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Tradition & storage (in one)

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A few years ago, when my oldest was a little one, I lived in Michigan with my in-laws while Robert was deployed to Qatar.  While up there a great friend introduced me to MOPS!!  What a blessed that was in my life, for years to come.  That year, their Mentor/Speaker spoke on traditions every meeting that fall.

I learned so much from her, I learned that when we get married we need to meld our traditions, throw a few of each out, put a few together and maybe even start a few new ones.  I did not know that before she said it.  It was so good to hear that.

So one of the many traditions I heard just about everywhere was to get an ornament for each child each year.  I loved this idea, we could get something that is significant of that year, for each child.  But, when you have 4 kids and already own a slew of ornaments this can pose a small storage problem.

Also, as a child I was given ornaments also each year, but I had no idea where they came from (once I was all grown up) or when I got them.

So my solution is their own Christmas treasure boxes!

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We have 4 of them – 2 we started to decorate and honestly they are not too pretty, but my kids still LOVE their boxes.  Each year they pack up their ornaments into their boxes, all the ones they make at church, MOPS, with friends, or are given.  And each year as we decorate the tree THEY put their ornaments on the tree.  They love to look through their boxes, but I do try to keep them up during the rest of  the year.  (I do plan to start a log of the ornaments so we do remember where and when they got them)


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I have stopped buying ornaments each year too, and I am trying to make them ornaments, or make them with them.  I think in the long run these will be much more special than that one I bought…. somewhere.  We will see.  My 3rd (E.D.) son’s favorite ornament is a foam firetruck he made when he was 3 “With Daddy”  every time he takes it out he reminds me of this!!  Love that!

christmas 2010 004

My second son (P.J.) loves this ornament – we made it with him in Sunday School 2 years ago – and he treasures it.  (super easy too)

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I am getting more on the ball with my Advent/Jesse Tree ornaments to go along with our Jesse Tree Devotions too – I have about 5 made from felt, a few from salt-dough and many more that need to be made.  They will be done before they need to be hung, but lots of work ahead for me!!


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My stump, the Fire, Earth, and camel & tent.

christmas 2010 001

Tower of Babel, 10 Commandments, Star


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