Friday, March 11, 2011

Flowers, Friends & Fotos

We had a great day today!!  We trekked up to Dallas to see friends, stock up on some Aldi, and take advantage of my soon-to-expire Arboretum Membership!!


coles and byerlys good


It started out a bit cool, but it was the perfect day to play at the park once it warmed up!

We had so much fun looking at all the beautiful flowers and completing our Nature Mission (Texas Nature Challenge).  We joined this last week and I was not sure what it would entail.  Yesterday I received a welcome email to the program with a link to all the missions for this spring.  I was thrilled when I saw there was one for the Arboretum!  So, we were able to tie some school in along with nature study & fun!!

I was able to get some good pictures and a few adorable ones too!!

AG climbing

I love the light streaming over my angel in this picture!  Sweet Girl!


4 sweet kids in grass

These are certainly some cute kids!!


AG by tlips

Sweet girl amidst the flowers!


ag by window

Peeking out another window – sweet girl – almost 5!


Big J

Okay – really… 10???  A great growing boy – with a heart for God!


My boy of almost 7 – when did that happen??

Some sweet girl shots

girls at little mermaid

AG & K at the Little Mermaid Display


girls in window

Looking out the Jack and the Beanstock Window


A and K



kids in air

I love the “In the Air” pics – Jumping for Joy!


kids on wall 2


kids on wall 3


kids on wall 5

I love this one – love the colors and the lighting!


kids on wall 7


smiling kids on widewalk

I love this one too – the look like they might actually love each other!!

Go figure!


The coles and byerlys

Another shot of our gang today!  We all had fun being together again!!

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