Thursday, April 5, 2012

Strawberry Pickin’

What a fun morning we had on Tuesday!  We trekked out with 8 kiddos to pick some strawberries!

strawberry pickin'

The kids had a blast, the parents enjoyed some easy picking of some beautiful berries!

3 sweet little ones

Not sure if we ate more, or picked more!


ag with berriesasherbrooklyn with berrieseating a berry ashered with berriesj eating berrypickin or eatingpicking berries ally

sweet brooklyn with berries


Then, when we got home, J whipped up a batch of jelly for the Henderson County Livestock Show, and then I whipped up a few more for the pantry.  The freezer is full of more of these great berries, and I have another batch of jelly to make today!

pickin' berries

It cost us an arm and a leg to buy our way off the farm that morning, but as we enjoy strawberries, we picked, in the months to come, I think we will decide it was worth it!

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