Thursday, April 19, 2012

Travel Day 1 & 2 : Disney 2012

We were so excited to travel to Florida a bit early to see some family along the way.  We made it to Mississippi the first day and enjoyed the afternoon with my uncle and aunt.  As a treat, the neighbor invited us over to swim after picking up some sticks!  It was such a treat!!

One of our First stops was when

we crossed the Mississippi state line.

Geography Boy


Mississippi River


Then, we enjoyed swimming with the neighbor

AG swimmingBoys cooling off

Day 2 – we detoured for Lamberts –

and had a wonderful lunch!!



Eating lunch


After lunch, we instituted nap time!

conked out after lunch


Then we were ready for the next thing…


A cool building in Alabama -

cool bldg in Alabama

We got a decent look at the USS Alabama –

the kids are hoping we stop on the way home!!


USS Alabama


Great couple of travel days arrived in Madison Florida in time for a yummy and animated supper with the Lewis kids!  All 8 children seemed worn out and went to bed rather quickly!!

Day 3 – we headed to Dayton for a few days on the beach before heading to Orlando & Disney!!

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