Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rainy Days

We are having un-seasonably nice weather this week. It is cool out right now and raining! While this means the kids are inside and a bit wild, I am so happy to see the rain & I know my plants are too!!

We just trekked out to pick up our Produce Co-op! I love Tuesdays when we get to go through our 2 weeks supply of yummy fruits and veggies!! Check out much of today's delivery!
The kids love Tuesdays too because they get lots of fruit choices and usually get to eat lots of goodies! Of course J is always sad when we do not get beets! But we are all excited about our cabbage and raspberries this week!

Here is a favorite scene of mine...J reading to the others. Right now P is the only one benefiting from J's reading of Shel Silverstien's poems

in Falling Up! We are loving that book!! I love that J enjoys sitting with P, E & AG and reading to them! He feels so big and they love to listen to him!

Hope all is well in your world! Have a blessed day!

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