Thursday, August 28, 2008

Little Girls....

I always heard about Terrible Two's but never experienced them first hand with the boys! Well let me tell you I am catching up with this little girl! Today was a better day after consulting some friends last night at a Girl's Night - but we have not conquered them altogether yet!

But one task we decided to tackle was the nail biting. I put that clear stuff on her nails tonight when Robert got home. She loved it - thought I was painting her nails & loved that part! Then while cuddling with Daddy she stuck a finger in her mouth and was shocked!! Is it torture that I had to take pictures of her shock? I hope not!
On the left you can see AG trying to get rid of the awful taste with her night-night in her mouth! Did not work too well, but she was content with it!
Anyway, hope this phase (Terrible Two's) is short lived, since I am not sure I can handle it too long!

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