Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fall is coming!

We had a very nice Saturday - the kids and Robert headed out to Sam's and Walmart for some Saturday AM browsing! I was at home with my friend Alicia hosting a Ladies Tea where we were introducing a new ministry at our church! We are starting Apples of Gold at our church, but we are also going to add other groups that mirror Apples of Gold but are specific to other groups of ladies! It is a great ministry that will match up some of our seasoned ladies in Bible Study groups with younger ladies and allow them to be mentored. It will be in homes and food will be made & served! I really cannot wait to see how this will impact our church and our communities!!

We had a nice time talking about what we want to do with this ministry and defining how it will look, while we enjoyed visiting too!

After that I was lucky enough to get to nap with my little girl! Those days will not be here long where she will lay with me and nap on my chest. It was very nice, not sure I napped, but it was relaxing and sweet!

Now, I am off to prep for our Sunday School class tomorrow - we have the 1st grade class! Lots of fun & lots of energy!

I am also about to kick off a new Bible Study on Wednesday nights called The New Eve - if you have not read it, you really should! Amazing book with a powerful message for women! Check out the video here!

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