Wednesday, December 31, 2008

On the Road Again.....

We are off once again! We are heading to Mississippi to visit with my uncle and aunt for the weekend! We wanted to grab the opportunity for a 4 day week in MS versus a 2 or 3 day whirlwind weekend!
The kids can't wait to get over there and play in their HUGE yard and to see Rocky of course! I think Rocky is Eli's favorite dog - so he will be thrilled to see him again!
That is about it for "goings on" here. We are ringing in the new year tonight with some fondue! The kids and I cannot wait! We are going to follow our supper of Cheese fondue (with veggies and bread) with some wonderful chocolate fondue with pound cake and lots of other goodies! Then we are off to bed long before the ball will drop, in an effort to get good sleep before we get up early and trek over to Mississippi! (It is almost as fun to type that state as to spell it out loud!)

We have been talking about Resolutions here and in our 1st grade Sunday School class. I think I am going to challenge our kids to pick one area that they want to focus on next year (not playing the wii better though - as was already requested!) and see what they think about that. I am trying to be more disciplined in my quiet time. I am going to join an online group Bible study (offers peer conversations if I have time, otherwise just encourages Bible reading and topic study). I have no excuses, my room has my "new" (not really but new to our room) chair ready for some quiet time, the kids are old enough to understand when to get up, and well no others come to mind. I hope to be better about that.

Well, hope you are all well and ring in a wonderfully Blessed 2009!!

PS - please pray for Kristen - she has Fifth's Disease and is pregnant with #4. We are praying that this has no affect on the baby at all! God is amazing and can protect little Kayleigh!!

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