Friday, December 5, 2008

Slowing Down

It has been a good couple of days. We have slowed things down drastically here in our home. I always made an effort to focus on keeping Jesus the center of our celebration this month, but I realize that even in doing that you can let things get out of hand! I mean almost all of our activities are nativity crafts, advent stuff, or something else with strings leading to Jesus. But there can still be too much.

So since the pain in my chest started I have started to say no to lots of things around here and am currently enjoying a light schedule with my family. I looked at our calendar from last year and there was something every other day or so (Mom's night out, SS fellowship, MOPS small group, etc) this year - almost nothing! And I think I am really enjoying it!

Tonight we finally decorated our tree after a "Make Your Own Pizza Night" dinner and some eggnog after that. So the kids are sugared up with full bellies and we have a decorated tree! We are making some improvements too in the area of tree decorating, Jacob is tall enough to reach about 70% of the tree. So the ornaments no longer stop in the middle but instead reach almost to the top!

This was the first year too that I realized that most of my favorites were made by my children. Either their skills are getting better or I am becoming a bit more sentimental. Anyway, it has been a good day today. No head aches, and minimal aches in my chest. I think the stress level is going down ever so slowly. I know it is so sad that it is this time of the year that is so stressful for me - it makes me sad. This is supposed to be so happy! So I just keep praying that God will take away my desire to compensate in my kids lives for what I longed for in my childhood and give me the grace to be content with what it will be in our homes and nothing more. It is working, but it is going to take time!

And one more thing - tomorrow is the Army Navy game!! YEAH!! SO Go Army! Let's BEAT NAVY!!

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