Saturday, August 29, 2009

Strength Will Rise....

... When you wait upon the Lord.

Those seem to be the words we are living by. From 3 am until 4 am last night those words repeated in my mind. Then this morning when I looked at Facebook I saw that a good friends from West Point actually left those words as comments on my recent status update.

So why those words? Well when you have sold your home, do not have a job, you have no choice but wait upon the Lord, and I am trusting that not only will strength rise, but peace too. And it is.

I was reminded this morning God promises us food and clothing, but no home. While I do trust our homeless state is temporary I do know that God never promises us a home. And yet, do you know how many options we have for a roof over our heads? Well, right now we are staying with wonderful friends who are mentors to us and love us. Then we are planning to head out to a cabin east of Dallas sometime this week. Not to mention many friends who have offered their floors to us. So while God does not promise us a home, he has provided many for us. He is really good!

So yes, we sold our home. And now we are completely open to where God is going to lead us. We are excited. Packing was tough - for all of us. The kids would have loved some more attention, Robert would have loved a bigger pod, I would have loved a maid. But we all seemed to manage with what we had. The house is now under new ownership and it was empty and clean! Yeah for that.

Now we get to relax a little, get to enjoy our friends and we get to wait. So that is what we are up to and I will admit we are all doing well. Robert is feeling much less stressed now and is looking forward to our week ahead of us. We hope to hear on Friday about the job in Indiana - hope it is a yes with a good offer, but if not, there are a couple other opportunities still looking good. We know God is going to provide a great job and bless us! We are just waiting patiently to see how!

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  1. Praying that your husband gets a job soon and you all settle somewhere. May the Lord continue to give you and your family peace, joy, and strength....

    Love in Christ,
    Mary Kay



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