Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Worn out but feeling good about it!

So when I woke up this morning Robert was already gone. He left about 6am for the airport and I slept through is departure. That is what a night out with a friend will result in! :)

So with a day to plan without the heavy mover here I was not sure what we would do. I even polled the people on facebook : Pack or Pool. The results were not surprising, Pool won! In fact no one voted for packing.

However, I did spend the morning vacuuming and mopping the majority of the house. While we have been working like crazy around here nearly every day, cleaning was not part of the work. So there was a lot of cleaning that needed to be done. And wow! The house looks so much better!

So then, I headed out to the garage to catch a few minutes before the heat really hits to pick up a little and I even managed to get the Suburban in! Woo Hoo!!

Did I mention that I empowered my small assistants? Yes, I did. The boys wiped cabinets and baseboards all around! Saved me from having to bend down with a not-so-happy back! Another Woohoo!!

So now I am beat, it is 10:30 - and I am not heading to the pool until about 2pm. So it is movie time for the kids - I caved! And I am going to find my Bible and spend some much needed quiet time. I have been letting fears and doubts creep back in. Funny how it happens when we get busy and "distracted" by life, facebook (specifically FarmVille), and whatever else competes for our attention. So I have missed my time in my Bible reading truths that bring peace and comfort.

So hope you had a productive day, I feel like I already have and it is not 1/2 over! So I am off to meet with my dearest friend and then lunch and then pool with more friends!!

Pray that Robert's time in Indiana is good and results in an offer SOON!! Thanks!

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  1. I was so excited to see that you're coming to visit with us. we can't wait!



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