Sunday, October 11, 2009

God Moves

Still no word on our future.. but trust me when I say that when God moves HE MOVES!!

God has been moving in our lives for ages, but these past six months he is moving even more, but not like these last 2 weeks. I will share details soon. I promise, but just trust me - he is moving!

If you are not sure if he still moves in your life, you are not looking hard enough!! I can see him all around me, and as I look around right now and see him moving and seem amazed - I am reminded that he is always moving, I am just not usually paying attention!!

So pay attention - he is BIG and he moves.

I am excited!!!

Meanwhile, we are getting back on the road in 2 days to head to Oklahoma to see my mom and Louie to attend my brother's parole hearing. Very exciting too! He is being paroled this week and I will get to see him after almost 18 years or so of not seeing each other! Again, God is so Good all the time!!

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