Saturday, October 3, 2009

While we are waiting

we are enjoying our time in the country! We are trying to get on the 4-wheelers when we can! We are collecting as many frogs as we can find and enjoy playing with them until we have to "let them go". We are enjoying watching the cows and I love to see how they have such a relaxed view of life. It calms me when they are near the house grazing and just wandering around.

we are visiting our friends. We are enjoying the weekend in Arlington with friends. Trying to get some errands run and lots of playtime for the kids. We are excited to go to church tomorrow with some friends too!

we are praising our God. We really are - just about every day we look at one another (Robert and I) and we just talk about how blessed we are. We are so thankful for so many great family members offering to open their homes to our rambunctious brood, and really would Love to have us. We are so blessed to have friends open their homes ( and cabins) to us as well.

we are feeling peaceful despite the tough times. We really are. We feel like this has all had a purpose beyond what we can see. We have felt God's hand upon us throughout this journey, and lately I have seen his fingerprints all around us. It is such a blessing to serve a loving, gracious God. He is amazing.

So, while we seem to think we are nearing the end of this journey, we continue to wait. And if God tells us no to some opportunities before us, we will continue to wait and praise him and count our blessings. It has been such a special time this last 6 months when we really have rested in the comfort only God can offer while we let him lead us down a new path for our family!

Please continue to pray that God will use our experience to encourage others. Please pray for wisdom for our family as we will need to make some decisions in the weeks to come. And please continue to pray for the health of our children and for peace for their parents!! May God bless you as well!!

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