Saturday, October 24, 2009

Moving again

Well, sort of moving. It looks like we will be moving from Honey Grove this week (HOPEFULLY) to Irving. We are hoping to get a house that we are interested in renting. We should know Monday if they are going to accept us as tenants and then we hope to occupy sometime later this week.

Meanwhile, Robert starts working Monday and is going to be staying with his brother and his family, Should be fun, he is in the family atmosphere but does not have to do the actual work of a great dad. So this should be a good break from the crazy family while he settles in to work. Hope he gets his Dr. Pepper fill this week too - we will see!

The kids and I are heading back from Arlington to Honey Grove tomorrow after church. We are planning to try a church near our new "home" and then we will hit the road AGAIN! Next time we trek in we are hoping to spend some time in one place. But we will see! I suspect it will take more than one trip to the cabin to move us out completely, but that is okay. The kids will love going back to get our stuff! They are going to miss the country big time! And the dogs are going to miss them! There are 4 dogs that the neighbor in front of our house own and they have adopted our children as their family! So both are going to be in withdraw in about a week.

So time will tell where we will be and for how long. For now we are excited to have a house of our own (sort of) and to get all our stuff. I am thrilled to have a bread making day in sight, not to mention my sewing machine and a few other favorites!

Today we had a great day in town. We started out taking care of house rental business but then quickly linked up with the Gladden family and ended up watching Bryce play some Upwards Football, then off to lunch at a fantastic new place (Donnie's Hot Dog Stand in Mansfield) where I had the BEST Philly Cheese Steak I have ever had (and I lived in NJ for a long time). Then we hung out and let the boys play, until we walked to the park to let them play some more. Just a fabulous day - great weather, great friends and lots of fun!

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  1. Just stumbled across your have a beautiful family!



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