Sunday, January 24, 2010

Current work in progress.....

Well, the excitement of the new year is waning, I am on my 3rd verse and it is getting a bit harder! I need to refocus this week. I think we are going to enjoy some down time at home this week, recharge our playing with siblings batteries, enjoy some games here, get caught up on school, and enjoy some slower days!

So I hope to get my verse down in the next 6 days - that is my goal. I hope to have some fun with the kids (despite their thoughts that we need to leave to have fun, or have friends over). I hope to have a slower, but just as good week - as last week.

Ideas for contagious joy this week:

maybe some cookies with the kids
hide and seek - a great free game!
some board games with the gang
maybe some craft project - beyond the coloring/drawing daily craft stuff!
nature study in our yard

I will let you know what we decide to do....

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