Thursday, June 24, 2010

On the brink of change

We are planning to spend this weekend in Corsicana – we are going to go see our top 3 houses and are ready to make an offer.  So we will see – which house, how much,and will they take it??

Katie is doing great!  If you are wondering who Katie is click HERE – she is using the litter box (even though the vet said not for a couple weeks) today we did not have any accidents!!  yeah!  I think cats might be easier than kids!    She is eating a ton (of kitten milk replacement) and getting a round little tummy.  I think she is about to get some solid food when we get back.  She is playing more and getting a little adventuresome on the floor – mostly if we are near her.  The kids love her and she loves them, so far so good!

So all is well here.  Robert’s last day at Dr Pepper is today – right now.  He is so excited, I am too!  So glad this chapter is behind us.  Getting a little anxious about our move – mostly the right house, the right cost and the timing.  We just have no idea.  But I remind myself to trust – trust that the timing will be perfect – it always is.

Our eldest son – J – will be coming home tomorrow too!  So excited.  I have tried to not think about it much this week, we have been busy, but man I miss that boy!  His big hugs, his heart to help and how much he loves his brothers and sister.  We have all felt his absence this week and will be so thrilled to see him (stinky or not) tomorrow morning!  I am praying God worked in his life in new ways – and that their relationship is super strong!  Can’t wait to hear all about it!

So we are off to a hotel this weekend (compliments of Guardian) to play in the pool and see some more of Corsicana while we finalize the housing details.  The kids love hotels – they hold some kind of mystery I think.  Of course, the cable TV thing helps too – since all we have is rabbit ears!  So we will take in some pool time, some cable shows, and some time away just the 6 of us.  And on Sunday we are going to visit church in Corsicana – the one we think we will attend – but really have no idea! 

So please pray that God will be clear in the details for us.  We are excited, but anxious too!!  We have never negotiated on a house – or bought a pre-owned one.  So this is a bit new for us.

So far it has been a great summer of tons of fun with friends and lots of time in the water….next week is going to be even more fun – all my kids will be home, and we have friends (mostly from Mansfield) coming to visit lots next week! 

We are blessed!!  And we are so thankful for each blessing!

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