Sunday, July 4, 2010

faith like a child

What a great message I heard in church today (and Sunday School too!).  I was reminded that our faith is greatest when we have child-like faith.  It made me reflect on the last week or two.  How I have gotten so caught up in the details, or the weeds of life!  And that is not where God calls us to dwell.  He does not want us in the weeds stuck, striving, and “forcing” things.  And that is what we do every time we get into that place.

I am not supposed to plan the next steps of our lives.  I am supposed to be where I am and planning for this step.  That equates to our house situation this way : I need to find the best house that is out there for our family and make a wise decision but I am not sure we are supposed to decide solely based on resale ability.  I think we need to factor that in, but at this point I think we need to trust that God will take care of that part when we get there.

I thought about my kids.  We have told them we are moving.  They know this and they are excited.  They are not worried about the size of their next bedroom, or what the street will look like, or if the house we buy we could sell in a year or two.  They are just excited to show up at the next house and start to get settled.  While I know there are some parts I need to be more involved in than that, I think I should expect that God is going to drop a house in our laps.  We will not have to struggle to make it work, we will know.  We will feel a peace about the details of that house and it will happen.

So, I am going to try to stop trying to control it all and trust that God is going before us and coordinating the details!

Meanwhile, today we trekked over to Dallas to Robert’s grandparent’s house to pick up a few things.  Here is a pic of our new coffee table (that fits so much better than our last one) and a corner table for the couches too!  I did not initially love the corner table, but it fits between our couches, is the colors of our throw pillows and is the perfect height – and I love it!  Robert’s grandmother made the mosaic on the top of the table making it very special to Robert.  He loved it immediately!

july 2010 012

july 2010 014  And Katie is growing bigger – she is eating more and more solid food – hoping to get her off her KMR soon – that stuff is expensive!july 2010 001 And here are some pics of our 4th of July parade:

july 2010 011 july 2010 004  july 2010 006 july 2010 007 july 2010 008 july 2010 009 Such a fun parade – with TONS of candy!  Just a great day!

God Bless America today & everyday!!

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  1. Hey girl...we are also having to wait and trust in the Lord....we are moving to Guam when Phil gets back from deployment....I will be praying for you and your family...I know that resting in the Lord is what we need as I don't know what my tomorrow is....we are to just live each day in Him and for His glory....thanks for the reminder...God bless!



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