Friday, July 9, 2010

taking time off

It helps the soul to get away from that which takes a toll on us. 

Some time away from everything was what we needed this week.  My kids are running amuck so to speak.  I am at the end of my rope with my kids not listening, running myself ragged and anxious over this move.

003 001 002 Here is the fruit of my labor – or lack there of – sort of.  A day off from outside influences resulted in a wonderful supper, fresh bread, and a more relaxed and happier mom.

It was good for me to just be home.  The kids spent most of the day retraining in their rooms – and that was needed too.  They have been running along side me.  And I know that when I am under stress they feel it too and it wears on them.

Then there is the house thing.  We decided to walk away from the house we thought we wanted.  Honestly I never liked the house – I just liked the idea of a pretty yard and a pool.  But we let it go.  Then this past weekend we looked again to see if there was anything new on the market and low and behold!  We found a house in a town we never heard of – Malakoff.  It is a cute older house on 6.5 acres – with a building in the back with heat, ac and a bathroom.  So we went down and checked it out on Tuesday, we met Robert after work.  It took him a little while to see beyond the “grandma decorating and smell” but he finally did realize the house is in great shape and will work. 

Can’t beat the dock by the pond (with catfish) either!!

So today we submitted our first offer, and hopefully by the end of the next week we will have a plan.  Isn’t that just like God to wait until I let go to give us that house?  To show it to us?  Yes, it is just like him – he wants us to trust him and not ourselves!


Today I worked to finish up my quilt so I can get it off to a friend’s mom so she can quilt it for me.  I am so excited, I love it and I think Robert has even come around to loving it as well.  I cannot wait to see it really finished!!


So it started out a bit stressful – but it ended wonderfully!  I am expecting great things in the weeks to come!!

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