Saturday, August 28, 2010

First Few Days

Boy, the time is flying, but so is my energy!!  I think I over estimated how much time it would take to paint and everything else before move-in!!

We have painted our daughter’s room (all with the wonderful help of Jennifer), the hall closet, the hallway, and the kids closets.  I have peeled about 80% of the wallpaper off in the kitchen – I HATE WALLPAPER!!!  I think I will never put it down just because of my experience taking it off.  I hate it!

I did skit trowel the kitchen – 2 of the 3 walls – and still have some wallpaper border to remove. 

Robert has scraped the living room and master bedroom ceilings of that awful popcorn.  He only have the kitchen left to scrap and he is pretty much done!

I have several more rooms to paint, but plan to wait on the paint sprayer for the majority of those rooms.

It is so much fun being out here, amazing I think my blood pressure is lower just being here.

The kids love the pond and seeing the fish and “trying” to catch them.  I am hoping they do not ask to go fishing every day, but only time will tell!  Meanwhile,. when they are not fishing they are running around somewhere in our yard – exploring and looking for animal remains.  They have many pieces of an armadillo already and are tickled to death – I am not!

Anyway, life is good.  We are loving our new home.  The process to make it “ours” is hard work, but I suspect will pay off – I will sure treasure this house once we have repainted the whole thing.  I cannot wait to get the kitchen done – I am sure it will be my favorite room!!

I will post some pics as soon as I can!!

Thanks for checking on us!

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  1. I love the house and know that you are all going to have a blast. I am so happy for you guys,



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