Monday, November 1, 2010

Growing their wings

Watching these little chicks is so much fun!  It seems almost therapeutic right now.  The garage is quiet except for their little music-like peeps.  I love to sit out there and just watch them!

Here are some pics of when they first got here

baby chicks 


little boys

And here they are today – with wings coming in nicely!!

boys getting bigger

Here are our broilers – they are starting to get plump!!  But they are still very active!  They love to catch grasshoppers we throw in there!!  It is hysterical to watch them run around with them!!


getting bigger


Here are some of my future hens – the striped on their sides are their new wings coming in – they are going to be so pretty!!

  maggie growing wings

This is my favorite girl – by the back – the grey looking one – this is Maggie – she is so pretty and the only one with her coloring!!

growing wings

The bird on the right with the brown and tan is Peck – she likes to peck everything, eyes, mouths, tail feathers – she is driving the other girls crazy!! I guess there is always one girl in a crowd that drives the others crazy! That is Peck here!  But she has the fullest cheeks and will still be a beauty!!


That is all that is going on here.  We did enjoy a homemade pumpkin pie today (with real pumpkin) and it turned out pretty yummy!  We used a cooking light recipe that I would use again!!

And we started our Gratitude Notebook/Journal again this year – in the past I have written down what the kids were thankful for each day we did school.  This year, I found that same journal and I am having the kids write it down each day in their own handwriting.  I also plan to get something in the kitchen where the kids can write stuff they think about during the day and talk about it every night at dinner.  (I am stealing this idea from Ann @ Holy Experience)  Or we will do the slips of paper that they can fill out and put into a basket then we can read through them each night.  Either way it gives them a chance to “be heard” and contribute.

As November came far faster than I expected, I welcome Her with a smile and a nod.   I love this month, I love that we can be so ever thankful and it not be out of the ordinary.  Maybe it comes easier for me to be thankful each day when I have Thanksgiving on my mind.


my gratitude list today:

~ a fresh pumpkin pie that my oldest son helps me make

~ 23 thriving chicks who seem quite content to me

~ a new church home that I think we are going to enjoy growing in

~ cool breezes coming in the window as the house quiets with children sleeping

~ school in a routine (albeit a few bumps) and enjoying it

~ the promise of visitors to our home

~ making new friends, and growing closer to each other as we grow closer to Him

~ enjoying where I am today – loving it really :)

~ hugging a child who smells like the outdoors

~ dirty feet of a little girl who fell asleep behind her door

~ a floor that promises to renew our home

~ being moved to tears by words from Heaven written by the hand of a gifted woman

~ watching all that I love around me change every day

I love November!   And I am thankful for much!

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  1. Love your chick pics! And your gratitude. Its contagious! Blessings here. :)



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