Monday, July 18, 2011

So Thankful I am NOT

I am thankful today, I try to be every day, but some days it seems to be easier.  I am human.  I tend to get caught up in life too often to realize it should not ever be hard to be thankful.

These days I am thankful I am NOT God.  Why?  Because I would be a crummy God.  I would do such an awful job.  And thankfully, I do not have to be God. 

Oh, now I know that some days I try to grab no, snatch,   rather take the reigns from God.  But every time I do, I regret it.  I know I do a horrible job. 


But our God, he does a marvelous job.  Sometimes we do not see it.  Sometimes we are so busy looking at other things that we fail to see the greatness in front of us. 

I am amazed at how God operates, He does not treat us like we should be treated.  He is not stingy with his gifts.  He blesses.  Why?  Sometimes I want to ask “why do you bless them and not me” – and He always reminds me “because I am God and you are not.”

I think about how He lavishes so much on so many who do not know him, and I wonder. And there are so many who have nothing and love him with all their hearts.  But he reminds me that He loves them too!  And He wants their hearts.  He is hoping to wooo them – and he is speaking their language at times.  I don’t understand it, but I trust it.  I trust that He knows. 

I continue to make my list.  I continue to count my blessings, sometimes including that which I do not consider a real “blessing,” knowing that I need to learn to be thankful in all things.  Still hoping to claim “always  giving thanks for all things in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord” Ephesians 5:20.  I want to be always offering up thanks to Him.


today my list includes:

(# 1090 – # 1102}

~ Bible study time with precious friends

~ Yielding to God’s detours in life

~ Trusting there will be enough

~ a sweet kitty on the mend

~ a new project to start with the kids and friends too

~ Camp Cole x2 – so excited about a few days to be with some boys we love this week and next

~ a clean home (if only for a few hours)

~ many hands to make light work (even if not all that willing, still a blessing)

~ trying to make the daily habit stick – wanting to miss it so bad when I do not get to it that I am drawn all day back to it – my daily manna The Word

~ prayer time with a God that hears no matter where you are

~ school building AC working again (minor miracle, not kidding)

~ the excitement we are all feeling over the coming weeks as we start school again

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  1. It is hard to give thanks in all things. I guess that's way scripture calls it a sacrifice of praise. Thank offerings were sacrifices. And ours are sacrifices from our hearts. Great list of blessings--thanks for sharing your wisdom.



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