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Book Review : Day of War(Lion of War Series)

This book sat on my shelf for a few weeks since I had other books in the “queue”, but I was hooked after the first few pages.

Day of War (Lion of War Series)

This is an amazing book that takes place during 998 BC.  The author, Cliff Graham, weaves a story together with information he took from the Bible and other historic documents.  While it is obviously a fiction story, it is as true to life as I think someone could write about this time period.  I felt like it played out like a movie, through the details and depth of characters.

The main character, in this first book in a series of five, is Benaiah.  I loved this man, his character, his wrestling with who Yahweh is, and his love for his wife.  As I read through this book, in a matter of days, I was amazed by who these characters became.

Mr. Graham did an amazing job writing about David as a real man, but yet true to every facet of his character from the Bible.  The qualities that David posses are amazing and they inspired me through each story.

I loved Benaiah though, because he is a real man, who wrestles with real things that we each wrestle with.  He has seen things in his life, few have seen and dealt better with.  He loves David and follows hi, as a solider in his Army.

My favorite element that occurs throughout this story is the “covering.”  David teaches his men about the Covering – he calls on it when he is in battle, weary and about to collapse and it gives him renewed strength.  Not only does David call on the Covering, but the Three, and many other followers of Yahweh, and soldiers.

David’s band of the Three are in this story and they are amazing!  Not only are they specialists in many weapons, but their love and dependence on Yahweh is inspiring.

I cannot say enough good things about this book.  It is a book that will draw you in for the Biblical elements, but it will keep you through the amazing details of the character, the scenes and every part of this book.  I will be following Cliff Graham in the future and I am already eager to read the next book in this series!



*** Great News!!

While finding links for this review (Author’s blog, and pics) I learned there will be a movie about this book!  Oh, my!  Cannot wait!!  Read it first though!!

Cliff Graham


Cliff Graham :

Check out his Documentary about the research behind Day of War.




This book is not a book I would pass along to my son.  While this is a more masculine book, it is quite adult in nature, and at times graphic with battle scenes as well as some of the implications for the women during this time period.

Note: I was offered a copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review, by Zondervan Publishers.

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