Sunday, April 25, 2010

catching up

That is me this past week…. catching up!!  Boy, I am worn out!

I admit, when I arrived home, my house was clean.  But then we unpacked car, then the suitcases, then the boxes, and then…. well you get the idea.  So it has taken me about 6 days to rotate spring clothes for all the kids and myself, to reorganize my school room (getting ready to hang a big chalk board my wonderful friend blessed me with) and to get everything else into it’s place.

It is so good to be in our own beds, with our own clothes, in our own bathrooms!  The house is quiet at night – without my mom and Louie to catch up with.  But I can get back to some sewing projects and a few other things I am working on.

Our sweet little girl came home to a new table and chairs in her room – for tea parties and such.  So I have been busy sewing her some felt food too this week.  When she was playing Tuesday with her brothers, I told her to go get some fake food from the toy area – she returned with blocks.  I then realized the child needed some “real” fake food!  So that is coming along (pics to come soon).

I have my lovely “new” tea set in our living room on my hope chest and I love it there – see it many times a day and am reminded of the hope I have in God – just so thankful for the relationship he has blessed me with between my mom and me.  That tea set reminds me of her prayers and commitment to me over many years and her hope!  So cool!

This week is a busy one – another Birthday tomorrow!  Little E is turn 6 – well, not so little I suppose!!  Then we are going to spend some time in Fort worth with grandparents – then Wednesday with a friend new to homeschooling – we are going to talk shop : ie school!!  Can’t wait for that! 

The best though may be Thursday when my same sweet friend (the one who gifted the chalk board to me) is taking my kids for the day!!  Oh my!! Robert and I will get to have a date afternoon – maybe lunch and a movie!!  We so need this – between my being gone, he as worked 21 days straight as of today!  And the hours are long!!  So we need some time without the kids to just be together!!  So yeah for Thursday!!

I will get some pics this week of my felt food, my new trinkets around the house and maybe my new school room!  Hopefully we will catch some blue bonnet pics too!!  We will see!

And finally I want to say hello to my “lurking” uncles out there!  So thrilled to be reconnecting with everyone – hope to be able to get in touch with you both one of these days!  Thank you so much for your encouragement for mom – you have really made her happy checking on me and supporting her!  So, welcome John and Kelly, I hope you enjoy following along with our brood as we navigate the path of life!!

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