Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter in Oregon

family on beach 2

This has been a memorable Easter.  Spending the day on the Oregon coast was such a treat!  We were blessed by a friend of my mom’s (fellow church-member) who offers up their beach house to other church members.  My mom made arrangements for us to be able to come out here this weekend while Robert was in the state!

I have never been to Oregon, the OR beach, or really the West Coast.  So spending the day here was a treat.  Despite the cold temps (40’s) and the rain (most of the day) we have thoroughly enjoyed some time on the beach, checking out tide pools, and racing the waves!

We did not make it to church, but since I kind of knew that was not going to happen the boys and I have been talking about what it all means.  What this weekend stands for.  Not the Easter Bunny, not a basket of candy, not pretty dresses and handsome boys.  But it is all about Jesus.  All about the empty tomb.  So while we did not step into a church, we still talked about all this weekend means in our family and to everyone else.  So in our own way we celebrated our Savoir who has risen and lives!!

This is a special Easter too as I spend this past and next week with my mom and just delight in how God has redeemed our relationship after so long!!  We feel blessed to have this new opportunity with one another!

me and mom by water

We have trekked down to the beach many times today – sometimes in the sun, sometimes not, but here is what we saw…

beach rocks and water


haystack at lower tide 

JP with grandparents

robert and boys racing tide

the sun and the beach

We did trek out to the Tillamook Cheese Factory too – we watched them make cheese (even on Easter!) we sampled lots of cheese and then we finished the trip off with lots of ice cream!  And it was great ice cream too!!

Last night we celebrated AG’s birthday  a little early with a Popcorn Cake (made by Louie) and some great Dora paper products (from Grammie) and lots of singing!!  She is sure she is 4 even though it is not official until next weekend!  She is thrilled to be the center of attention!


Oregon beach Easter weekend 005

Oregon beach Easter weekend 009

Last week we made it out to the Air Museum near Dundee – and we had a blast looking at tons of airplanes and learning lots about them!  We even went inside the Spruce Goose – that was one of our favorite parts!!


Oregon 2010 002 Oregon 2010 022 Oregon 2010 017

Before this trip we made it out to the Gorge – where the Columbia River borders Oregon and Washington.  We had so much fun that day that we all slept in a bit!!  We made it into Washington across a bit of a scary bridge.  We hiked up near a waterfall (and we were hailed on) we held a bear skull, a bobcat skin and various antlers! 

The kids have learned so much fun stuff, and they are loving it.  We are not spending too much time doing school, but we are still learning lots! 

We have had so much fun with my mom and Louie – Louie has taught P and E chess and given J quite a refresher – so we almost always have a chess game going whether Louie is playing with a boy or the boys are playing each other.  It is great to see them all learning and enjoying such a great game!

We are having a fabulous visit – especially with Robert here – of course he flies out tomorrow – after a stop at another Diner, Drive-in and Dive (we hope) and maybe a quick sight-seeing trip!

We did get one stop in already at Bunk Sandwiches in Portland


We took the gang into this tiny place – we waited about 30 minutes to get in, then waited for a table while waiting for our food, but… was so worth it!  We all ordered something different and we all seemed thrilled with our orders.  The kids were great and they enjoyed it too!  Robert got the pork belly cuban, my mom the Ahi Tuna Melt (I think) Louie had pulled pork and I had a poblano pepper sandwich.  The kids had grilled cheese (Tillamook cheese) and soup – the soup was wonderful too!!

Anyway, that about sums up our last few days.  We have enjoyed our travels and we look forward to this week and then getting ready to head back to TX via Colorado and more friends!!  I love road-schooling!!  And seeing family & friends – too bad Robert must work!


More Pics are HERE.

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