Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hanging out in Oregon

We are having so much fun!!  Today we trekked up past Portland to Hood River – the Gorge – and we had a blast!  We saw 3 water falls – even hiked up near one.  It hailed on us while we were hiking too!!  So fun!

1st waterfall smiling

We saw a fish hatchery here in OR too and we even had a tour of the power plant part of the dam.  It was great!  The kids learned some good stuff and we saw some great stuff!

me with j and e

(P took this one)

We took a crazy bridge across to Washington and even took some pics over there. 

It was a great day –t he pics to show you are HERE   - the weather was just perfect too!


me and kids at overlook 2

Tomorrow we are going to hang around the Dundee area – and do some fun stuff here before we head out to the coast for Easter Weekend!!  Robert arrives on Saturday, we have a cheese factory tour on tap, maybe an aquarium and lots of beach walking!!

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