Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Oregon Tulip Festival

muddy girlToday we had such a fun day!  We decided since there was not rain expected that we would trek out to the Tulip Festival.  We forgot our rain boots, because, despite the clear weather there was mud everywhere from the past weeks of rain.

So we gingerly traipsed through the tulip fields and were just awe struck by all the flowers, all the colors, and how amazing it was to look at tulips in front of a snow covered mountain range.

tulips and cloudshappy kids in front of tulips

  We then each picked out our favorite tulip for my mom to order bulbs to plant in her flower garden this fall.  So fun!

happy kids in front of tulips

AG in multi tulips 

Next we trekked over to the Stash Tea outlet store.  At first I was not sure this was a good deal.  But when we found 10 packs of tea at $1 or $2 each we decided to pick up a few flavors.  Before we left the store we had over 20 flavors I think.

The kids picked out their flavor:

A : Pumpkin

E : Carmel Vanilla

P: Coconut Mango (OOlong)

J : Cinnamon Vanilla

I picked out Blueberry, star fruit, fusion honey ginseng & white tea, mango passion fruit, lemon ginger, lemon blossom, cranberry pomegranate, peppermint, raspberry and an assorted Christmas set.  So for our afternoon tea time we each picked out a flavor and enjoyed.  It was so fun to sample all these flavors, the kids loved it as much as I did!

Then I showed my mom  what Betsy taught me – how to make Vietnamese spring rolls.  It was so much fun!  She and Louie loved them!!

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