Monday, September 10, 2012

Another Day at Owl’s Head

owl's head sign


We finally made it to Owl’s Head with Robert to play in the low tide!

We always enjoy our time at Owl’s Head.  We love to wander on the rocks and find all sorts of animals living in the tide pools and under the rocks!

ag and star fished and crablimpet 2

red sea urchin

Red Sea Urchin

slipper shell 2

Slipper Shell

star fish and hand

It was a foggy day at Owl’s Head – we did not seem to mind too much.

foggy way to OH

We found a red sea urchin this day, a green star fish, and a 4 legged star fish growing back its other leg.  We always enjoy finding cool stuff and taking lots of pictures too!!


More to come…..

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