Sunday, September 9, 2012

Book Review: The Reunion

Not only did I get to read this great book, the Reunion by Dan Walsh, but my oldest boy picked up the book as soon as I put it down.  We both LOVED it!!

Reunion, The: A Novel

This book is a present day story about a man, Aaron Miller who lives and works at a trailer park.  This is a man who is very unassuming and has a heart to serve others.   I loved this man from the beginning, the way he stops what he is doing to meet the needs of others.  I loved seeing Aaron really live his faith with all those people around him, and seeing God use him in mighty ways.

Who Aaron is a mystery to all who know him, and there is clearly a shattered relationship in his past, but he offers little to explain. 

This is an intense book, that left me crying more than once.  It deals head on with the tragedy of the Vietnam War and that destruction that was left in the wake of that war. 

I have always felt a fascination with that war, and to read this story was an amazing experience.  Dan Walsh dealt so tenderly with this topic, and offers such a  story of redemption.

I highly recommend this book to everyone.  If you have family who was touched by this war, this story will speak to you even more. 

I read this entire book in an afternoon, I honestly did not put it down.  But once I finished it I passed it to my oldest who snatched it up and read it without stopping too.  He loved the book.  After he finished it the first time, he re-read parts again.   There is nothing of concern in this book at all, for a young adult. 

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