Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Okay, so I am going to make this my first not me Monday.

The morning started great today - usually we start off horribly - not to say that I would start the day by getting out of bed to spank my 3 boys - no, not me. Just because they are wrestling in their rooms at oh, say 5:15? Would that send me off the edge? No way, I would calmly ask them to be quiet and wait patiently for 7:00 when they may quietly get out of their room. And there is no way our dear little girl is in her room sobbing at the bottom of the door (well wailing is more like it) because her rambunctious brothers woke her up. Not a chance that I would just let her cry there for oh, a while.

There is no way I spent about a hour picking up my crazy house (that cannot stay clean for more than 2 minutes) because we have a friend coming over to play and craft. I mean really, if she is a friend will she care if you cannot see my counters? I would never get obsessed about something like that and almost delay the start of school just to get things "right" - no, not me!

And would I try to disguise the oatmeal this morning because my eldest claims that we eat it every morning now that I figured out if I put it in the crock pot the night before breakfast is ready at wake up? No, I would not tell him he is crazy and that this is a new breakfast (because I added pumpkin this morning! I would never do that!

Did I mention that I am not forgetful? I mean who gets the crock pot ready at 8pm the night before, sets it up with a timer so the oats can soak a couple hours before actually cooking, and then fails to turn the crock pot on? Only to wake up the next morning to soaked oats and not cooked? I would never do that - not to mention I do not think that memory is affected to child birth! I mean really! There is no way that your memory comes out through delivery whether C-section or by pushing! That is ludicrous!

Okay, enough therapy for me! I am off to enjoy my clean kitchen and finish school!!


  1. I totally think pregnancy affects memory! I still have remnants of it and it's been a little while since I was prego.

    What's up with the 5:15?!

    I want some pumpkin oatmeal...yummy....pumpkin in cream of wheat is good too!

  2. OH, so that's where my memory went. Now I know. :o)

  3. yup my memory sure did come out with childbirth too:o)
    loved your funny blog:o)



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