Saturday, January 17, 2009

Prayer Needed!! UPDATED!!

UPDATE as of 4pm: God is so good and not because Harper is doing better, but because he is GOOD!! And oh yeah, Harper is doing better and responding well to what is going on!! So head over to her Kelly's Blog and check them out!! Blessings!!

As of Lunch Time-ish: Okay, it is a small world! Yesterday I stumbled (not by accident) on this blog. It is a woman who was delivering her first baby yesterday after years of trying. So I was of course excited and prayer for her. Then this morning my friend Jeremy mentioned the same blog on his facebook entry and WOW! A lot has happened since I looked at her site. Her baby is in the NICU - has pneumonia and will be on the heart and lung machine asap. Mom will be on her way as soon as she can, Dad and family are with Harper (little precious baby) - so Please, Please Please be in prayer for this precious little girl and her dear parents.
Thank you!

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