Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pre-Valentines Day Party ~

Well we are either really excited about Valentines or just ahead of the power curve!

Today we are hosting a valentine making party. I thought we would do this early so we have a stack of valentines to send overseas to the troops and to give to KCBI for the Valentines for kids in the children's hospitals. Plus it is always fun to be crafty with friends and everyone seems to have a good time.

So we did school a little earlier than usual so we are done in enough time to head out to pick up our veggies from Co-op and get back before our friends get here! What a day - fresh fruit and veggies and friends! Does it get any better than that?

I am still working on the felt food - so fun! I have been working on it at night and it is a slow process, but I will post the results soon. I had to stash it away for today - I did the house pick up for our friends sake! But it will slow my progress a bit.

Last night we watched Swing Vote - I thought a perfect night, the night before the Inauguration and all. Not sure I loved the movie, lots of cursing especially the dad in front of his young daughter. But politically was enjoyable. And it seems the masses (republican that is) are going to avoid today's event on tv. Not sure how you can miss it or have missed it at all this weekend! It is everywhere. The only thing I wonder, okay 2 things, is where is Obama's humility in all of this? Is he so convinced it is all about him? And second if the first Black President were a Republican would we be celebrating like this? I am quite certain we would not be - I mean the media loves this man, and when was the last time they loved a Republican? So anyway, I would like for my kids to watch today for the historical value and for me to teach them that this is a Public-Service office and that the man (or woman) who fills it should do so to serve the people and not themselves. Okay, I am stepping down now, off my soap-box that is!

We are off to enjoy our fun day! Happy Early Valentines Day to you and yours!

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