Friday, January 9, 2009

The sun shines after the dark

We started off the year so well! A great trip to Mississippi, a happy coming home and a great first Monday of the year! I got in some much needed quiet time, we did school (which was not too bad) and then we had a great day of getting some real cleaning and organizing done.

Tuesday came and ..... well that was a completely different story! Our dear little girl woke at 4:30 - not a happy camper - she did start showing a fever Monday afternoon - and was very hot. So quiet time was, well, not so quiet or refreshing, as it did not even happen. Then all day I was holding my sick little girl and not getting much of anything done. That is a struggle for me as I am very task oriented! By about 3pm I realized I need to take her in to the Dr to get her checked. After about 3 minutes the 5 minute strep test came back positive. She would not take the Tylenol the nurse tried to give her for her fever (102.8 - on Motrin) and spit it mostly out.

We did get her first dose of antibiotics down with lots of screaming and some more Motrin too.

Wednesday, was about the same. A needy little girl, short periods of some school - not much though and a slow day. She did show improvement throughout the day and seemed to be better by that evening. Praise God for good meds!

Thursday - much better. We made it to PE - and she had fun, we all did. We all came home and had a yummy lunch (smoked cheese, from Uncle Ed, sandwiches, and other goodies) and then took good naps.

Friday is finally here and well it is so much better! My family is back to normal (not sure that is entirely good) and we are seemingly healthy. We finished school already (we may have some more handwriting this afternoon) and we are about to head out to the park to meet friends, have lunch and play! It is supposed to be in the 70's today! Yeah!

Okay, so I started this new EBible study. A lady is hosting, she sends us a memory verse, and reading assignment and some questions to ponder, journal, or whatever. The verse this week is: (from memory)

Remind the people to be subject to rulers and authorities, to be obedient, to be ready to do whatever is good, to slander no one, to be peaceable and considerate, and to show true humility to all men. Titus 3:1-2

So, I put it up in various places in the house (shower door facing into the shower, bathroom mirror, kitchen sink) and by Wednesday I had it down!! I was so excited, this is not something I tend to do very well. But even better news? MY eldest had it down today by memory (with some minor help) this morning!! I did assign the verse as copy work for both boys this week and he has copied it about 5 times now. I am so excited. Want to know why aside from the obvious?
Does this verse not sum it all up for kids? Obey authority (parents, government, God) - do whatever is kind (share, help, etc), slander no one (okay the biggest one for me & my mouth - what a great lesson to learn early for the kids), be peaceable and considerate (share, hold the door, don't fight) show true humility (put others before you). I mean if they could get this verse they might really get so much more than just a verse!! Wow!

Some thoughts Heather asked us were:
Today, I would like us to take an inventory of how we show both obedience and respect to those in authority in our lives. We might ask ourselves, how is my speech seasoned when I speak about the government, regardless of my political views. How is my attitude about my boss, even when they are not looking? (By the way, I have a wonderful boss J). How obedient am I to the laws of the land, such as paying taxes, observing the speed limit, etc.? (The speed limit was a bit painful for me!) What are my attitudes toward my spouse, my church staff, or my parents? We could go on and on asking ourselves the tough questions. I believe God truly would want us to examine our hearts in this way.

My mom is also going to join our study and Kristen and I am so excited to get to talk about some thoughts, revelations, and things that God is teaching each of us through this study! I am just really looking to making this a great year!

My big resolution this year is to make scripture part of our daily life - OUT LOUD I want us to talk about verses, what they mean, what God is laying on our hearts, and how we can obey them. I hope to lead my kids to store these great verses in their hearts all year that we will look back at 2009 in 2010 and be amazed at how much we memorized and learned!!

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